Tuesday, August 6, 2013

An update on my book

An update....

I had another blog which most of you did not follow. It was a continuation from my Journey Through Alzheimers blog that was called 'It's a New Day, A New Life'. It just never did take off so I recently closed it.

On that blog I had been posting a little excerpt now and again from a novel I am writing and so for those people who had been faithful to My New Day blog I promised that I would keep the progress of my book current on this blog. I am sorry if that is confusing! But, here I am, with one blog.

The book is coming right along. I expect that within a month I will have it ready for editing.... and then the publisher!! Yippee.

For those of you who are new to the book let me catch you up. It's the story about a couple who meet and fall in love in the mid 1920s, raise a family through the Depression and then deal with tragedy during WWII.

Traveling salesman Tom (He's from Texas) stops off in Magnolia, Mississippi and unexpectedly meets Mary. He decides that she is worth getting to know and so the story begins.

Here is the next excerpt from the book:

           The sun was sinking below the houses, causing shadows to creep across the street, as Tom walked back toward his boarding house. He jammed his hands down into his pants pockets and he whistled as he walked along. There was a lot rambling around in his head, too. He needed time to think things through and there was nothing like a slow walk on a summers evening to give him time to sort things out.
          A calico cat ran from underneath one of the wooden houses, darted across the near empty street and disappeared into the shadows in the alleyway between two stores. The songbirds had grown silent in their preparation for nightfall. The evening train gave a mournful cry far off in the distance. Why had he moved away from his family and why was he here in Magnolia? The sweet image of Mary sitting beside him on the porch swing floated before his face. Yes, that was it. He wanted Mary beside him for the rest of his life. The burden lifted from his heart and his mind, he picked up his pace and hurried toward the place he now called home.


  1. You write like a REAL author, Latane:) It's gonna be good!

  2. Yes, I can't wait to read it all in full.

  3. Wonderful for you to be able to do this. I tried to write a book but never got it going.
    I did read your other blog at times.

  4. Wow! What a wonderful thing to write a book!

  5. How fun! I'd love to be write a book, but I'm just not wordy enough. I think your book sounds very interesting. You have a talent for writing!

  6. Parts of this excerpt remind me of Ballad of the Sad Cafe by Carson McCullars, one of my all-time favorite writers! You're doing a great job, Mom!

  7. Good luck with your book. It sounds like it will be very good.


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