Friday, August 2, 2013


Summertime.... ah, the good ole summertime! How I love the gardens full of ripe vegetables and better yet, a bunch of them on my countertop waiting to be eaten.

                                                          I don't garden.

That was always hubby's pride and joy, growing things, planting and hoeing and pulling weeds. Not me. But, I do love to cook, can and freeze what comes off the vine!

Sometimes I go to the Farmer's Market, sometimes I wander next door to my son-in-law's garden, and sometimes I buy veggies at the grocer. They all are so, so good.

Tomatoes are in season right now and SIL had more than he needed. Can't let them go to waste, now can I?

I froze some so I can have some yummy veggie/tomato soup next Winter. I put them in a hot water bath to peel them...........

After I deseeded them, I chopped them up and brought them to a boil on the stove.

Cooked and cooled and ready for freezer containers...........
I can just taste that good on a cold windy day!

Summertime means that the sunflowers are in bloom. Daughter Shirley and I found these at a farm near Surry, Virginia.

                                       Hope you are having a grand and glorious summer and lots of good veggies!


  1. gorgeous sunflowers. so pretty. ( :

    i hope you will get a chance to use up those tomatoes in soups & other recipes - i wonder about this coming winter? will we have snow or ice? or what?

  2. Good looking tomatoes for freezing. I'm even lazier when it comes to freezing them. I rinse and core them then cut into chunks and bag them to freeze. I don't mind the skins or the seeds. Or I make my sauce and freeze that. Nothing better when winter comes.

  3. Nothing better than home made soup on a cold day! Those sunflowers are so cheerful. Wishing you a nice weekend.

  4. Such a nice post, Mom! Would LOVE to have some tomatoes to freeze for winter soup! Thanks for the how-to. Beautiful field of sunflowers, too. Oh, and your new header is wonderful!!!

  5. Your tomatoes look so pretty and tasty. My garden didn't do well this year at all. To much rain and then the very hot days. Maybe next year, because the vegetable stands were much more pricey this year too.


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