Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Thoughts For This Friday

Well, blow me down!! It's Friday and I plumb forgot Random Five and submitted a post instead about tomatoes. I can't have that happen, now can I? I love Random Five Friday. And, sure don't want to miss it. Click on the link and come join us!

Now, to do what I should have done this morning!!

1. I got a huge reality check... I discovered that due to age (Lordy, did I just say that?) it is time for me to put some of my 'play-pretties'/hobbies away .... for good. Spent nearly the whole week cleaning out my quilting room. I have a ton of stuff to find a new home for!

2. I love birthday parties. I don't care whose they are... a party is a party!

3. I am counting the hours until Monday night to see what Des does on Bachelorette!! She admitted that she loves Brooks... but he said he didn't love her. She sure can't pick second best from the remaining two. Interesting!!

4. Naptime is such a wonderful thing. I didn't like naps, (I've been told) when I was little but I surely do enjoy them now. There's something said for getting old!

5. And, #5 is always a memory from the past. I learned to decorate cakes back in 1961 and spent years doing birthday and wedding cakes for the public. And, I taught some classes to other people, including my three daughters. That's me standing at the right side at the end of the table with my students hard at work. Looks like we were making a Christmas cake.



  1. I like your random 5!
    How nifty that you decorated cakes for the public! I took a Wilton decorating course years ago so I could make a batman cake for my son:)
    Sounds like life is good!
    Sweet Hugs,

  2. did you do something different to your blog - i began to wonder if it was at a different blog? love the header shots. maybe you are too busy with something else ... got sidetracked or just plain forgot. HEY, it is FRIDAY!!! hoot hoot!! have a great weekend. ( :

  3. I take a nap just about every day after lunch. Usually with a cat or two!

    How fun that you were a cake baker/decorator. I've always wanted to learn.

  4. Great and fun random five! :) Naps are wonderful. I love them too.. especially on Sunday afternoons if it's raining.

  5. Glad I jogged your memory about Random Five! :-) Loved yours, especially your cake decorating class photo...draws our two posts together!

  6. Naps and cakes? Mmmmm. Good priorities.

  7. Your random 5 is great! I agree...get rid of all that clutter that you know you are never going to work on again. Concentrate on things that you really love to do now. I did this about two years ago and it just made me feel so wonderful. Now I have some dolls that I think need to be decided upon, too. (Was that a sentence?)
    It was wonderful for you to teach your daughters how to decorate cakes. I really wish I could do that. And I love Birthday Parties, too....Especially family birthday parties.

    I pray you are having a wonderful summer. We are loving our big garden that Jim has this year. We are suppose to have at least a week of cooler weather. That means no pool for me.....but we will see. The Pool helps my fibromyalgia.

    Bless you and your wonderful family,

  8. I have never been much for cakes...but it looks like so much fun to decorate them.

  9. Neat that you decorated cakes and taught classes. I don't have that kind of talent --so I will admire those who do!

    Yes, unfortunately--some of us are getting older and must put away some of our 'past' hobbies and joys.. BUT--as "Oldies but Goodies"--we do find lots of other joys, don't we???


  10. Love the picture. I'm on a cleaning kick myself this week.

  11. I've been trying to figure out what to do with all of my craft stuff that I don't use anymore --

    I'm not a party fan.

    I watched like 15 minutes of The Bachelorette by mistake the other nite. Then I moved on.

    My mom was quite the cake decorator and had all the nifty Wilton accessories -- I remember her making those roses and putting them on wax paper and then into the fridge. :)

  12. Nice Random Five, Lantane. Your cake lesson is fashioned into a regular assembly line. Great!!!
    We don't watch the Bachlor or the Ette anymore. They are all about alike seems to us.
    In a way it is too bad you are quitting the quilts. That had been a part of you. But then I don't work on cars, even my old Fords anymore since all my knee problems. But I still am playing golf at least once a week.

  13. I would love to take a quick nap in the afternoon - I can't get my boss to buy into the idea - sigh... I'm getting a kick out of your love of Bachelorette :-)

  14. I've put away a lot of my hobby stuff, too. I've lost interest in most of it and I consider blogging a hobby now and it takes up a lot of time.

    I always wished I could decorate cakes like you. It looks like fun.

    Hope you're having a nice weekend!

  15. I love this post...this is the first time of learning of Random Five Fri...hope to join you next week.
    xo bj


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