Monday, September 2, 2013

Mabry Mill

I promised I'd get back to posting about our trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway.. and it's Labor Day ... a holiday... and what better time to remember good times.

Leslie and I had done the trip from Roanoke down to Mabry's Mill. The air was cool, the sun bright and I was starved by the time we got to the Mill restaurant and gift shop.

                                                      But, then it seems I am always starved!

     We had a nice lunch next to the windows with a beautiful view of the mountain laurel beside us.

After lunch we meandered down the trail on our way to the mill. A nice young couple offered to take our picture. I love the reflections in the water.

Mabry Mill was built around 1910 by a man named Ed Mabry. Ed was an honest, hard working man, a Primitive Baptist by faith and a Republican of political persuasion.

The flume bringing water down the hillside to turn the wheel at the mill so it can grind corn into meal.

                                                          Another view of the flume.

               A peaceful sight... a water wheel slowly turning on the side of an old wooden mill.

                                                    Two ducks feeding in the water.

                       Today the mill is one of the most popular sites on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
                                                                    Some wildflowers at the Mill

After our visit at the Mill, we headed down the mountain, picked up Hwy. 58 and headed home.


  1. What lovely photos from your trip. So glad you two had such a good time. The scenery is gorgeous.

  2. Lovely photos. Have you ever seen the Mill at babcock State Park, WV?

  3. Very lovely photos! This makes me want to visit Mabry Mill very soon! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I didn't know about Ed Mabry being a Primitive Baptist and a Republican, too! What neat things to learn. I just LOVE that mill. You made some great pictures, Mom!

  5. I've heard of Mabry's Mill, but never visited. I love the picture of you two; as you said, the reflections in the water are beautiful!

  6. beautiful pictures. sounds like you had a wonderful visit!

  7. Such beautiful pictures at the mill! You two look great!

  8. What a beautiful couple and a beautiful spot! I love it.
    My ex-husband's wife has dementia, he's just had colon cancer surgery, which has become infected, still in hospital 12 days later.
    He has no idea how to manage her. Now he is ill.
    Your indomitable spirit is one that inspires. I've been fighting hard to help my kids cope.
    I value your sharing of your life.

  9. What great pictures! My husband and I visited Mabry Mills while on our 25th anniversary getaway (seven years ago!). It looks like we might have even sat at the same windows as you while eating!

    I think the post I made about Mabry Mill was my favorite post I've made on my blog over the years. Here's the link in case you get a chance to drop by and read it:

  10. So nice to see pictures of the mill. We have wanted to go but can't seem to get there.
    Very nice pictures.

  11. What a lovely trip. We've been thinking of a trip to Roanoke soon...will be sure to take in the Mill, as well.


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