Friday, October 18, 2013

Just Thoughts

Good Morning,

It's time for Random Five Friday. Seems like yesterday that I did the last one. Was that a week ago? Geez. Time is flying. But, you all click on the link and check everyone out on that meme.

#1. I've been worried about my sister. She's 89 and had her gall bladder removed last week. Poor thing. Surgery is tough at any age but doubly so as we age.

#2. Was happy, happy, happy to see some sunshine yesterday. It has been a week of rain and more rain.

#3. I'm curious about blogging. What, you say? It just seems that the participation has slacked off considerably, at least for the ones I blog with. I get few comments unless I do a meme. Is everyone getting tired of blogging? Or is it me? Perhaps my blog isn't interesting enough or something. Oh there I go with self doubt again. But, you gotta wonder.

#4. I am so happy that the shut-down is over but so sad that it cost so much both here in this country and in the eyes of the world.

#5. I used to do a memory random thought and haven't in awhile. Think I will do one today.
That picture was made in 2009. Every Fall I have a lot of leaves in my yard and there I was raking away. It was a huge job. But, I finally got smart and bought a leaf blower, one small enough for me to handle!!                                                                                              No more raking!!         


  1. I do hope your sister heals quickly Latane -- surgery is tough no matter the age -- but it does get much harder to bounce back as we age, I agree.

    I have more pine needles than leaves, so I don't think a blower would help me. Darn!

  2. My comments have been down on my blog too. I hope your sister heals well.


  3. Tell your sister that "Every day is a happy day without your gallbladder!" I had mine out in '97 IIRC, and I have NOT missed it since!

    Perhaps the downturn in blogging is due to people taking more time offline. I suspect that would actually be a good thing, though I do enjoy blogging, and I miss my blog-friends when they don't post much.

  4. Oh all my best to your sister she is going to be fine don't worry.
    The blogging thing is probably because everyone is so busy this time of year wait till the winter when everyone is stuck inside:)
    Take care B

  5. I'm really behind with commenting and I apologize profusely. I've been traveling so much this year. just returned from Central Europe, so have tried to post as much as possible (gotta do something with all those pics!!!!), and try to read everybody, but haven't had time required to leave meaningful comments as I would like. Hope to do better in the next few months.

    Latane - I really am hoping your sis does well and makes a speedy recovery - she is in my prayers.

    Ys, the leaves are beautiful when on the trees but when they start falling it's so much work. We, as always, are not looking forward to the cleanup - although on a pretty sunny day, raking can be somewhat enjoyable - and we should always be ready to jump in a pile of Autumn leaves for as long as we can!

    That said - I will definitely jump this year to celebrate the big b'day about to arrive, LOL!

    Take care - hugs, Mary

  6. You have a beautiful blog, and your posts are great.

    With my wordpress blog, when I click on your name for a visit, I can't find the link to your blog, I had to go to Nancy's blog to find you..Maybe you can add your blog link to your gravatar account so the wordpress people can find you?

    Wishing fast healing to your sister!

  7. we had rain yesterday. i agree i am glad to see the sun again. ( :

    keep us posted on your sister, please. big big hugs.

  8. I haven't been here as you weren't coming into my bloglist thought you weren't blogging but then I noticed I wasn't following you that is so strange! Anyway good for you to have bought a leaf blower, I think they are essential. I hope your sister is feeling tip top and home soon.The leaves in your photo are a beautiful colour..

  9. I hope your sister recovers well.

    I have noticed that blogging isn't as big as it once was. I think a lot of people are using the social media sites like FaceBook and Pinterest.

  10. Prayers for your sister's recovery. Poor dear. I've never had a large number of comments on my blog(s), and I've been blogging for awhile. It used to kind of drive me crazy -- trying to figure out why. Now I just try to have fun and keep in touch with blog friends who keep returning. Works for me. Have a great weekend, Latane. Hugs, Nancy

  11. I've been a bad blogger lately - slacking off. There's no reason for it that I can think of, but maybe others are feeling the same way. I wish your sister well as she recovers from her surgery!

  12. Prayers are being said here for your dear sister, Latane. Don't ever doubt your blog. It is one of my favorites. I always enjoy coming here to read. You are such a good writer. I can not wait for your book to come out!

    I hope your weekend is wonderful and happy.


  13. I too hope that your sister heals quickly. Do you think blogging can be up and down depending on the season?

  14. Awww....hope your sister recovers quickly.
    We don't get too many leaves in my yard ... I'm thankful for that! :-D

    I thought it was just me ... very few followers and comments. It's like I'm blogging for myself :-/
    Oh well.

  15. LOL this reminded neighbor has a leaf blower. Years ago my son ( whichever one was staying with me at the time ) woke up mid-morning yelling " MOM! How LONG does it take you to dry your HAIR!!" Ha ha he was half asleep and thought that the neighbor running the blower was me running the hair dryer! :)

  16. Prayers for you sister Latane. Wishing her a speedy recovery.
    I have not been commenting as much lately. It seems like I have been on the run going here and there and there just hasn't been the time for it. I will try to visit more often.

  17. So hope your sister recovers quickly; surgery at any age is horrid but, as you say, worse as we age. Visiting via A Rural Journal.

  18. I think that blogging goes in spurts and depends on the busyness of the season. I hope for a speedy recovery for your sister.

  19. I know you appreciate your leaf blower! That's a lovely colorful tree behind you that was still holding onto its leaves.

  20. I thought I'd subscribed to your blog, but apparently, I haven't. Unless I put it in Feedly which I keep forgetting about. I didn't realize you're in Wakefield!

  21. I hope your sister improves.

    Different times of the year, blog comments slack off, I think. Folks are busy now trying to do things before winter!!! Not us, we're always home!
    I raked a few leaves the other day and it made me sore; I am in pathetic shape!!!

  22. Sending prayers up for your sister. My mom turned 89 yesterday and I know it would be hard on her to have surgery. I do love your memory random with the photo. That red tree is gorgeous! I bet you enjoy that every year at this season!

  23. Do hope, Latane, that your sister's recovery goes well as surgery anytime is a worry. As for a blog slowdown, I have noticed that the more. Person comments on blogs, the greater the response in comments. And, like yourself I also enjoy reading blogs and posting to our own...but don't always have time to do both. So, I generally take time to post more than comment on every blog I do look at. Thanks for taking time to look at and comment on some of our posts. I also realize that not every post appeals to everyone.

  24. I think blogging goes in spurts and interests also. Maybe Twitter has taken over--but I for one do not tweet. When someone doesn't post on my blogs, I do not worry about it. I do sort of get annoyed when family or close friends do not read the posts, however. I wonder if I need to type the exact thing for an email.

    You really have a lot of fans here. Praying for your sister.

    Hugs and prayers,

  25. I have a love/hate relationship with those darn leaf blowers. Why do they have to be so noisy?! Many towns are banning them because of the noise.

  26. I hope your sister is doing well by for bloggers, I think a lot have turned to facebook.


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