Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Week In A Nutshell

I was just thinking............

                  #1. I want to thank everyone who commented on my blog. There were tons of them.
                        My word.... was I one thrilled chick. I appreciated every
                        single one of them and just loved being in touch with each of you.
                        Some of you decided to 'follow' me and I am so excited.
                        In fact, I am so excited that when I hit the
                        100 follower mark............there is gonna be a BIG GIVE AWAY.
                        You all keep your ears and eyes tuned for that.

                        If you aren't a follower, then I'd say right now would be the perfect time to do it.
                  #2. At my age I worry when things don't go right.
                        So, this week I was one worry wart. I lost my car keys which also had my house and
                        post office key on the ring. I searched high and low. Called in some extra pairs of eyes
                        and of course, they found them.  Those keys were in the side pocket of my purse.
                        That makes me feel really stupid....... or else I am getting dementia. I'd better just be

                    #3. I just love the pitter patter of rain on my sunroom roof.

                    #4. I feel Fall in the air. Leaves are turning, the temp is creeping downward. Time for
                          snuggly blankets.

                    #5. My previous post was about my scrapbooking. In my way of thinking, it is so im-
                          portant to teach our younger ones about their ancestors. What better way to do it
                          than with pictures? Here I am showing my great-grandson C. some family photos.
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  1. You'll be at 100 followers in no time! Don't feel stupid about losing you keys. I locked myself out of the house a few weeks ago and had to have the neighbors take the screen of and climb through the window for me.

  2. It is exciting to get close to 100 isn't it? I am close too. I can empathize with losing things, I have been ever so guilty of the same thing lately. Not going to tell you what I lost this past week, but trust me it was worse than the keys! Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the cooler weather!

  3. You made me laugh I am sorry about your keys I looked for my glasses for two weeks with squinting eyes and found them jammed in a side pocket of my purse. We all do it:)
    Love the last photo of sharing that is the best way to share family history. B

  4. i know this might sound silly ... but remind yourself to stay calm. i always retrace my spaces & then i find my missing item(s).

    relax this weekend. ( :

  5. I will definitely follow you...with pleasure.

    Oh, and loved your Autumn randoms!! A year ago, I made a 400 page book I had published of our families' genealogy. It is treasured by us all. I love the fact that you shared your history with your g-grandson!!!

  6. ps...I am now #94 in your followers listing. Getting close to the 100 mark. Good luck.

  7. i'm always careful about putting my keys in their designated place otherwise -- who knows where they'd be! you'll have 100 followers in no time -- always a joy to visit. love the last shot -- memories!

  8. Oh I always have to do a check every time I leave the house I have locked myself out more than once ! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment...

  9. I most identify with your lost keys...I used to lose my keys all the time. Now I carry them in my pocket 95% of the time!

  10. Hey, I lose stuff every day...but I just laugh it off.The hard part is walking backwards through my day trying to remember where I left it. Have a blessed weekend!

  11. I would lose my's why I have a pair of glasses in every room and every place that I could possibly need them. I'm with you, I'll settle for "stupid."

  12. When the seasons change I have key problems because I start to stash them in my jacket, but forget that I did so...takes me about 2 weeks to get used to it !

  13. I taught myself to always put my car keys in one designated spot, and get really upset if my children don't put them back where they supposed to be.

    I just went through some old albums and the photos brought back so much memory..

  14. The comment below is from me at I will follow you with my blogger ID

  15. I lose things so often. I'm always looking for my reading glasses, only to find them on top of my head! Oh, well. :-)

    Such a sweet photo of you and your great-grandson looking at family photos. That's a great way to carry on the stories!

  16. My favorite pictures are 4 and 5. Since you saw my blog today, I'm sure you are not surprised that the red tree is one of my favorites!

    I am now using one of Topaz Labs editing tools for my borders. They have many different ones and the one I am using is Topaz Adjust. You have the option to pick a color from their color picker or choose a color form within your own picture for the border. They give you a dropper tool that you move to wherever you want in the picture, click and then it appears as a border.

    In this picture I originally put the dropper on the sunlit part of the red leaf. The border came out a pinkish color which was not what I wanted at all. I hit the undo button and put the dropper on the leaf part in the shade, clicked and that gave me the border color I was looking for in this shot.

  17. Latane,

    The Blogging community is so unique and comments are fun. Congrats on your exciting blog news.

    I am forgetful too. I am younger than you, but revert to CRS (can't remember s***).

    Yeah for you and your Grandson to share family pictures and stories. I miss hearing stories from my Great Grandma and visiting with Grandpa.

  18. What a blessing you have photos to share with the next generation.

  19. Didn't I ever tell you that my keys got thrown in the dumpster at the dump one time????? They did and I climbed in to get them!...:)JP

  20. I'm right along with you. Left my keys at the drug store this week!
    I handed the check-out girl my wad of keys so she could scan my discount card, and never thought about them again because Jeep was driving.

  21. My son is constantly losing his keys. I found them yesterday in the washing machine!

  22. Great shots. I like the sound of rain on the roof also. It's raining here this morning

  23. You'll be at 100 followers very soon Latane -- so happy for you! If I don't misplace at least one thing a day, something's wrong. :)

  24. The scrapbooking you do looks like fun. You would love a Smash Journal for some artsy scrapping! Enjoy your day my friend! Sweet hugs!

  25. Latane, I started getting forgetful in my 40's. (now 54) I lost my keys just last week, but when I went to look for my glasses to find my keys I couldn't find them either. 30 minutes later... I found them on top of my head! My keys were in my purse!

    I LOVE getting older. Uugh!

  26. Wow! Loads of comments! It's a great post, Mom. Love seeing the photo of you with my grandson. I hope he can visit you one of these days again. He misses you! And he is growing up so fast!


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