Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Is In The Air

Do you ever go into a grocery store and buy something, get home and then wonder why the heck you bought that in the first place? I do.

I had a can of chickpeas sitting on my pantry shelf. What possessed me to buy that!! I don't know how to fix it. Do I just open, heat and eat? And, then I ran across a recipe that solved my problem. Thank goodness for all the wonderful sites that feature recipes online!!

So, just in case you have a can of chickpeas and don't know what to do with them. Try this.

                                                    CHICKPEA & TOMATO SALAD
               1 can chickpeas, drained & rinsed                                1 pint of cherry tomatoes, halved
               25 basil leaves, chopped                                                3 cloves garlic
               1 T. red wine vinegar                                                     2 tsp. olive oil
               1 T. apple cinder vinegar                                                1/2 T. honey

                                          Toss all ingredients and chill at least 20 minutes.
               I boiled me an ear of corn and fixed tilapia fingers with tartar sauce to go with mine.
 Now, that you've had your lunch lets take a walk in my yard.
Most flowers are gone but I found a couple of goodies still blooming.
This very small azalea was almost hidden nestled down in a bed of straw and ivy. Perhaps the warmth of the straw made it think it was spring! Who knows, but I've been enjoying it for days and days.
Smile, little flower, you are on Candid Camera!
And, my mum is as beautiful as ever.

Now, I will share with you what I was doing in the yard in the first place. I saw this pin on Pinterest!!

So I took some apples from the kitchen,
                          grabbed up my leaf rake
                                                   and my camera.
                                                                  These are my ideas from that pin.
                               Shoot... I don't mean shoot like taking pictures, I mean shoot like darn!
                                                          It just didn't get it, did it?
                                                          Too dull, too uninteresting.  

So, I gather up my props and head for the fence.
                                        This is better,
                                                       but I do wish I had scattered the apples out a bit!
                                                                                        And, I wish those bricks weren't there

So, on to the next spot!
I think that this is my favorite! So, tell me... which is your favorite shot! I am trying hard to learn to be a better photographer. Trial and error, they say. And, lots of practice! I don't have one of those fancy camera but I love my Cannon Sure Shot.

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Friends of mine ... have a great week. Make the most of every day. Time is precious, you know.   
                             And, don't forget to check out my previous post HERE .
                                                       It's about a Big Give-Away
                                                                      I am having.                   


  1. The second shot that you took is my favorite. I like the bricks in that shot!

    I want to be a better photographer too. There is so much room for improvement in my skills, or rather lack thereof!

  2. I am such a sucker for new recipes - and this one looks like a great way to enjoy the last of the season's flavorful tomatoes!

  3. When I arrive home with an odd can, I know that I thought it was something else...like a can of cream of celery soup in with the cream of chicken or something. You did very well with using your can of chickpeas.

    I like your experiment with the rake, the apples, and the fence. It's fun to stretch. I like the last one best, too. Very nice.

  4. I use chickpeas for hummus! Yum!

  5. Your recipe for chickpea's look's good. Your photo's on your blog always look great.

  6. I like the one with the fence - it has all sorts of interesting textures going on! Thanks for linking up to Garden Tuesday!

  7. The last one is my favorite also….

    Your Chickpea Salad sounds good. I'm not sure I've ever had chickpeas --but I may try them sometime. Thanks!


  8. I'm really partial to the shot against the fence with the bricks. Beautiful color!

  9. Hi Latane,its been so long since I have been around, I'm amazed at how professional your blog has become I am light years behind!
    I like both 2nd and last pics
    Happy Halloween

  10. I have lots of cans of chick peas because I use them in different ways. Bean soup, curry, on salads and to make salads with them. Last night we had a Chicken sweet potato curry that called for a can of chick peas. It was so good. Found it on Cooking Light.

  11. Looks like you still have lots going on in your garden. I like to pic with the bricks - you did good. :)
    Thanks for stopping by.

  12. For me, I find that best shots are those that are not set up or planned. But I do like the apples and rake idea -- one I have not seen anywhere else! :)

  13. Latane, you are such fun! loved your photo shoot.

  14. The shot with the bricks seems to be popular. It's my favorite too. Great job!

  15. I like the second shot the best! Very nice pictures all! Glad you found a use for those chickpeas! :-)


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