Friday, November 1, 2013

Scary Random Five

It's Friday November 1st.
                Yep, Halloween is over!!

I want to share 5 random thoughts with you as I link into Nancy's Random 5 Friday. You ought to click on the link and see what other 5 randoms you can find.

1. It's back to normal this morning... the goblins have come, the candy all gone. The spiderwebs are  swept away.
2. Scary creatures were at my daughter's windows. I think they escaped before light of day.

3. One neighbor's pirate ship (on his front porch) was a huge hit with the trick or treaters.
There were smoke bellowing cannons,
                                             plenty of rum,
                                                         sails furled,
                                                                    pirates shouting and running around.
I wish I had the energy to do something on a grand scale, like that!

4. I loved this skeleton pirate! Not that I am nuts about skeletons!
5. I see trick or treaters headed my way....

It's the pirate Dangerous Dylan
(ah, that's not a Pirate nor Dangerous but my sweet little great-grandson).
Hope your Halloween was fun and safe.                                        

                                        Now on to Thanksgiving!

Oh yes, don't forget. I recently announced that when I get 100 followers I am having a big give-away. I am at 99. Who will be #100?
As soon as I get that number you all need to watch for the announcement about the give-away! Okay!


  1. Awwww -- thank you for sharing your Halloween with us Latane -- I miss not having any trick or treaters here on the farm. xo

  2. ur grand son is so cute. i bet he had a great Halloween. ( ;

  3. Wow! You almost have it. Your post is great.

  4. Lots of fun stuff here! That pirate ship was a great idea. And your great-grandson is so cute! Such a sweetie.

  5. Great post and great photos to go along with it!!!
    Halloween is so much fun!

  6. oh your great grandson is adorable!!! love the creativity with that pirate ship! i'm already a follower! have a great weekend :)

  7. I don't decorate for Halloween, but I love seeing what others do.

  8. Your grandson is so cute. That pirate ship is awesome!

  9. Looks like Halloween was really celebrated in your town… We had rain and high winds here--and I felt sorry for any children who might have been out and about.


  10. Oh, my -- your grandson is such a doll! That's quite a costume, too :)

  11. Dylan is adorable. That pirate ship porch is really something. Pretty amazing how some people go all out for Halloween. Fun for the kids.

  12. We didn't get any trick or treaters this year. I enjoyed yours!

  13. Hi Latane, You are having so much fun with your little great grandson! Oh, he is a lump of sugar, for sure. Looks like your neighborhood does a lot of decorating for Halloween. We did not have one trick or treater this year. What a disappointment. I know all of our neighbors were waiting because the whole neighbor- hood had their outside lights on, too. I think it was because we live out in the country and it meant the trick or treaters have to be driven here and it was a school night, too.

    Have a great weekend.

    Blessed be,

  14. Oh those little children in costume are so darling, and I like the decoration on your daughter's window!

  15. A pile of pumpkins was the extent of my Halloween decorating this year. I'm saving my energy for Christmas.

  16. We still have piles of candy left - not as many trick or treaters as I had hoped! Your great-grandson is precious. Did he know how to "Arrrrgh?"

  17. LOVE that pirate skeleton! That is awesome! Great shares of randomness!

  18. Cool decorations. The pirate ship idea was fabulous and I liked the Pirate Skeleton and that adorable little pirate too. - Just followed your blog making you up to 100 now!

  19. Dylan's costume is awesome! How clever! Looks like Halloween was great as always. I went over to the kids and Cane was dressed in chef's coat and carrying a cleaver, as Chef Ramsey. They took him trick or treating, and I manned the door. It was a nice evening. Yvonne decorated a fair amount, and I have a scarecrow on my porch that was fun to put together! :-)


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