Thursday, December 5, 2013

Preparations for the Holidays

Why do I always feel so behind at this time of the year? It does look like I would be motivated earlier to start getting ready for Christmas but I drag my heels. Then, I am running around like a chicken with it's head cut off (Oh geez, what an image I have of that!). Have you ever seen a chicken with it's head cut off. If you haven't then you don't want to!

I want to link to Nancy's Random Five and my brain is on pause. I'll turn the dial and see what's playing on my brain waves.

1. It's raining. That cold, cold weather from out west is headed this way. I dread it.

2. I have been sick since Thanksgiving. I am behind in decorating but have done a little. And, I don't have any Christmas cards ready to mail. But, I'll get there.... eventually.

3. I started a diet two days ago. It's working so far!! hehe

4. I just love to watch the twinkling lights on my daughter's Christmas tree. It's in a window so passersby can enjoy it as well.

5. And, my random thought from the past. I love this picture of my son taken in 1958 in his red and white striped pjs. So appropriate for Christmas.


  1. Gosh, I am so sorry that you are feeling under the weather, hopefully you will be feeling better by the weekend. I too feel behind, I think it is because we went out of town for a week-I am scurrying around now like crazy!
    Love your China!

  2. Hi Lattane, These pictures are lovely. I love your daughter's tree. It is really pretty. But the photo that I like the best is the black and white one of your son in his red and white p j's. It tugs at my heart and I keep thinking of the days when my 46 year old son was that age and so excited about Christmas.

    I, too, have been so behind and very busy...but finally the decorations are up and most of the presents purchased! Whew!

    Get some rest for a speedy recovery...oh,... honey and lemon tea works great!

  3. Your son is so cute in his red and white striped pjs.
    I hope you feel better soon. And don't feel bad, I'm way behind on things too.

  4. I hope you are feeling real better soon, what a drag. I've decided not to worry about being behind and just do one thing at a time this year, I've no excuses for being behind. I enjoyed your five...take care of yourself, try not to stress out, easier said than done I know.

  5. I am glad you are feeling better
    and thinking about Christmas.

  6. Being sick is no fun and neither is starting a diet during the holidays!
    Loved your son's photo & wow that is some tree your daughter has. We will probably put ours up this weekend.

  7. I'm behind this year, too. The tree is gorgeous! I hope you are feeling much better soon. Take care and stay warm!

  8. I hope you feel better soon! I ordered the stamps to put on my Christmas cards, does that count? We don't have our tree up yet, and the beach-theme wreath is still on the front door. I've been intending to make doll clothes for my granddaughters--since last Christmas. Still need to find the cutting table! It's amazing how much accumulates on a flat surface.

  9. Sorry you had a slow start on Christmas because of being so sick, Mom! Love the photos...especially that cutie pie in his striped pj's! :-)


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