Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hot Cider and a Crazy Computer

Here I sit, sipping from my cup of hot spiced apple cider and watching the snowflakes coming down outside my window. Gee, wonder if I could make a poem out of that.... nah, probably not.

I was so excited to finally access my NEW POST thingamagig. I haven't been able to make a new post at all so now I am super excited. Just wonder if it will let me add a picture? Hmmmm. Think I will try it. The computer won't let me open the card out of my camera so I will have to choose something from my archives. Wish I could retrieve those pictures I took yesterday of my 'peeping tom' but that will have to wait.

Wow, it worked... this picture is one I took of a red-bellied woodpecker eating out of the sunroom window feeder. And I cropped that photo very little so I actually was up  close and personal. You just gotta see that bird better so click the photo to enlarge. Love having the birds right at my camera length. By the way, I am so glad that my window is fairly clean. Hope it stays that way. I'm not much into window washing.

I just wanted to let you all know that I have missed you... although I did discover that I could open the blogs on my blog list and started doing that and commenting but wouldn't you know it, some of them wouldn't take my comment. Dang crazy computer!!

Stay warm, wherever you are... and safe, too. Love you all


  1. A great shot of this bird. Hey, I am not into window washing either! lol

  2. Glad you computer is working and you got the picture to load.
    I won't be washing any windows until it's at least 70 decrees and then I will wash them inside and out.

  3. Great picture of the woodpecker. My windows are filled with cat paw-prints. My bird feeders are filled with birds tanking up during the snow.

  4. Great shot, Mom! Oh, he reminds me of the Gila Woodpeckers here when they get after the hummingbird nectar! They use that tail to steady themselves while they try to hang on and get some sugar water. Between them and the house finches, not to mention other smaller birds, the nectar feeder stays dumped out and I always have a mess on the concrete below it. The poor hummingbirds get very little. Hope the computer issue is fixed.

  5. That is a great shot! glad you were able to post it.

  6. Happy that your computer is working again. Yay. Great picture of that woodpecker. How much snow did you get up where you live? Stay warm an safe.

  7. Great shot of that woodpecker and greater yet that you are able to post and include a photo too! Thanks for your comment on our snow day too here on the VA eastern shore. For some reason blogger published the same comment 4X so I had to delete 3.

  8. I love your window feeder, how nice to get a close-up shot like that. My kitchen window (where I do most of my bird watching) always seems to be a mess. Hubby tries to keep it clean, but soon as he does, a pigeon manages leave droppings on it somehow.


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