Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow, the dentist and more

UPDATE: I am adding an update before this post ever gets published. I seem to have a gremlin in my computer. Couldn't post this yesterday and some of my pictures would not load onto the post. Maybe I can get it cleared up soon.

Mercy me, where has this week gone. Being cooped up inside with snow on the ground kept me wondering what day it was, all week long. But, TGIF, and time to visit Nancy Claeys and all her Random Five buddies.

Let's see..........hmmmm.........

#1. I had to be at the dentist office at 8:30 this morning and that was not fun.
            The temp was 11 degrees,
                            I had to get up earlier than usual,
                                                    and nobody likes going to the dentist.

#2. The day it snowed I sat for hours watching a multitude of birds feed near my sunroom window.
             Birds are one of God's wonders.
                             I had such fun.
                                                    and, it felt good that I was helping keep them warm and fed.

#3. I am enjoying quilting some now.
              I didn't think I would miss it so I gave a bunch of my supplies away
                             But, then I did miss it
                                                    so, I am back at the sewing machine again. That's a good thing.

#4. The Windsor Ace Hardware Store had paperwhite kits on sale
               I love paperwhite narcissus. They smell so good
                             So, I bought a kit
                                                     The bulbs are all planted now. I will let you know when they bloom.

#5. My Random Five From The Past.
                My husband and two grandsons with an icicle that was hanging from a bluff on our farm.
                               The children and grandchildren all loved that bluff
                                                       Now those grandchildren are grown. How time changes everything.



  1. Wonderful collection. I too like to quilt and after I got a sewing machine that helps, it has been fun to quilt gifts for others, sort of a leaving a legacy from an old lady.


  2. I'm sure that your grandchildren have many fond memories of being on the farm. Also. I am glad to hear you are back quilting!!!! You were so very good at it. I loved each quilt that you made.
    Watching the birds keeps me happy, too.


  3. I prefer going to the dentist first thing in the morning... get it over with so I can go on about my day.

    Beautiful cardinal photo Latane. Happy Sunday to you! xo

  4. I had to laugh when I read about your paperwhites. Years ago, when my son was a little boy, we planted some. One night (my ex-husband was at work), and we just knew we had an electrical fire in the house. The odor from those paperwhites was SO strong, we almost called the fire department before we realized what it was!

  5. I love paper whites too-I forced them last year and I missed doing it this year. They do smell good!
    I need to see the dentist this week, I think a crown is in my future.
    Have a Lovely week,

  6. i love those icicles. what great memories. please enjoy your weekend. take care. ( :

  7. Sorry to hear you have computer problems. That takes all the fun out of having one. That was quite a way to start your day, so cold and to see the dentist on top of that. I hope you treated yourself to something wonderful after that!

  8. I loved the cardinal in the snow, but the icicle picture was really fantastic. I haven't seen icicles hanging in forty years, ever since we moved to Georgia.

    And I am a fellow paperwhite lover. I had thought of getting a kit myself, but I'm so stinking lazy.

  9. I have been sick this week and today was the first time I have felt like getting on the computer. Out of looking at comments on my last post, and looking at Beatrice Euphemie blog I have come across now three comments about computer issues. I thought it might be solar flares. But you aren't the only person having problems. Sorry you had to go to the dentiost so early! I HATE morning appts! :-( I I would especially hate getting out early in the cold. I'm getting very spoiled, I think. :-)

  10. Computer issues are the worst, I agree, especially when they seemingly come out of nowhere. Today, I am having one as well but nothing to do with blogging.


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