Monday, January 20, 2014


It's Monday. How can I tell? I'm just sort of blue and down in the mouth. Need to have a gabfest with my blogging buddies and then I will feel better.

It's cold, maybe that's the problem. I hate cold. Do you? Some people like cold weather but not me!
So, I've not gotten outside to take many pictures lately. What to make a post about... that is the question. So, I dig into my archives and I find the following.....

One morning my daughter and I were headed down Main Street. I know this town is small but... A pig in my neighbors yard!! Where did it come from? Naturally I grabbed the camera. It's not every day you see a pig on Main Street. Not around here, anyway.
Yes, it was a rooting, snorting pig which ran off across the yard and quickly disappeared.
That got my interest peaked. I mean, who takes pictures of pigs? I got on this kick and away I went. They didn't have to be live, either.
On a trip to Alabama I saw this old restaurant by the side of the road and this huge metal pig which I guess had advertised the place was sitting out front. That pig was nearly as big as the building!
I love it!
On a road toward Corolla on the Outer Banks, N. C. Shirley and I spied this mailbox which was a pink pig. Crazy! At least, the pig and the flowers match.
At Virginia Bar-be-que in Carrollton, this cute little glittery pig was all curled up taking a nap. I guess it's alright if pigs are covered in glitter.... sure beats being covered in stinky mud!
This heavy iron pig stood guard in Edwards Ham Shop in Surry, Virginia. He looks kind of grumpy, doesn't he? Or maybe he's just napping. 
This concrete pig was found just outside a shop on Main Street in Smithfield, Va.
I love Main Streets wherever they are found. I started to take it's picture and noticed two men sitting on a bench right in my picture taking line of fire and had to assure them 'No, I am not taking you guys picture. I'm after this pig'. They just grinned. 
A paper pig. Well, it takes all kinds. This flying pink pig hangs from the ceiling of Capt. Chuck-a-mucks in Rescue, Va.
Guy what's his name featured this place on his tv show 'Drive-ins-Diners and Dives'.
Smithfield, Va. is home to Smithfield ham, bacon, anything pork. So, they decided to make the lowly pig their town mascot, icon, whatever you call those things. Here are two pigs that grace the streets and by-ways of Smithfield. They are colorful, that's for sure!
Shirley and I are on our way to the beach (Nags Head) and stop at a large flea market and lo and behold, there is a pot-bellied pig.
And, then I lost interest in pig picture taking. Wonder what will interest me next?
                                                                              That's all, folks.


  1. Latane, This just made my day. It is really funny. You are a wonderful writer and I so appreciate you passing your pigs and their stories on to us. I am still giggling!!!!


  2. Wow! I'm amazed at the number of pig photos you featured... I don't have one in my archives. Bad farmer! :)

  3. Adorable post, Mom! LOVE the photos of all the pigs, real and unreal! You really found a lot!

  4. You sure found a lot of pigs to snap! I love the colorful pigs in Smithfield, they're my favorites.

    I just plain hate winter these days. Everything is so drab and I can't seem to find anything to take a photo of unless a bird sits still long enough and that doesn't happen very often! I did see a bald eagle fly overhead yesterday, but was driving down the interstate so I couldn't have gotten a shot of him.

  5. Wow, you've seen a lot of pigs! Maybe they're all around me and I just haven't noticed them. Great photos--lots of variety! :-)

  6. Did you ever find out why the pig was in the yard in town?

  7. Cool collection of pigs! We have them in our country neighborhood from time to time. They are affectionate pets I understand. Two large ones used to reside on the property behind us. Loved seeing them. Wish I had started taking pictures like you do.

    For time to time I take pictures of the cows in the pasture next to us. There are a few horses nearby also.

  8. I am like you I hate cold weather and winter especially ! I love pigs, they are very intelligent ! We once had cow statues all over Brussels, it was an art exhibition. My neighbor bought one cow white with flowers (looks awful) !
    I think a pig in a yard is nice it brings luck !

  9. Wow! I've never seen so many pigs!! I like those really colorful ones!!

  10. I love reading your blog posts and seeing so many things familiar to me! You definitely chose a good subject when you were taking pictures of pigs: lots of them " 'round these parts"!

  11. wait, go back! that was a live pig in your neighbors yard?!! how fun, did you ever find out the story on it? we've been to chuck-a-muks!

  12. A real pig on the loose on Main Street? That would be a sight to see. The mailbox is my favorite.
    I don't care for the cold, either.

  13. I loved these! I especially liked that very colorful pig. Wow. I appreciated this post so much.


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