Wednesday, January 22, 2014

We Got Snow!

Good snowy morning to you from my little home on Main Street!!

I got up to 2 degrees wind chill factor this morning but I am not going to go outside and check that out. No siree bob! I am staying inside where it is warm. I'll let the weatherman keep me posted on the temp.

Do we ever stop and thank God for warm houses, cozy quilts, heavy coats? We certainly should.

I did crack my kitchen door just a tad at midnight last night and braved the cold enough to stick my hand (with a camera attached) out there and snap a couple pictures.

my backyard in the security light glow.
Okay, you photography buffs, can you answer this one for me. Even though the snowflakes were minuscule, when I used the flash they looked like baseballs.
The snow was beginning to cover the gold dust bush at the back door.
My neighbors cars sitting in her carport across the street. The flash picked those tail lights up really nicely.
This morning this sleepy eyed little titmouse was looking for something to eat. I managed to ease the lens of my camera through the drapes to take it's picture while it ate on the window feeder. 
I love this shot of the cardinals and the snow-capped feeder at the edge of my yard.
There is something so peaceful and calm about snow. Then why, I ask you, does my RETIRED neighbor think he has to crank up a snow blower and disrupt my nice peaceful day? He's not going anywhere so why disturb the glittery white stuff that covers our world.
For those who asked where the snow pictures were taken that I used in a post recently.... I was visiting my daughter in New York last January and it came a big snow. I had my camera ready.
Another photo tidbit. I have been so dying to make those wonderful pictures where the birds are focused and the background is blurred (and you do it with flowers, too). So, I found out why I can't do that!! The fstop on my camera won't go below 2.8. Well, I'm not going to run out and buy a new camera so I can have a smaller f-stop.
Oh, and on another note.... I received one copy of my manuscript yesterday in the mail, which my daughter, Marie, had been proof-reading, making corrections and suggestions on and it blew me away. One more step toward that publishing date. Next week I get the copy from the editor for final review before shipping it off to be printed. Super excited.


  1. This manuscript journey has got to be SO exciting! I do not know why the snow flakes look so large but do love the effect ;-).

  2. Beautiful pictures of the snow!

  3. Your snowy pictures are so pretty. My favorite is the one of your backyard in the security light glow!

  4. Great snow pictures, Mom! Love the birds feeding at the window and on the snow-covered feeder, too. Stay warm!

  5. Your snow pictures are beautiful, Latane! Night-time photography is such a challenge.
    Congrats on the book!

  6. Hi Latane, I am excited about your book, too! I keep thinking about it! Your cardinals are beautiful! Our many cardinals have left our area. No one knows why...except there was a hawk here yesterday and some vultures about a 4 months ago.

    Your snowy pictures are so pretty. Me? I would love to have the weather you have most of the time.

    You take care and I will be waiting for your book!!!!

  7. I'm not much for getting out there in the cold, either, but I have to keep the birdies fed. Great pictures of the snow. Good news on your book!

  8. PS We were in your neighborhood yesterday, Latane. My friends and I met at the Va. Diner; I thought about you!

  9. Good luck with your manuscript! I love your bird shots, they are fantastic.

  10. Brrr it's still very cold. Very good shots of the birds and snow.
    I wonder if we will get many more days of snow before spring? I hope for a couple more.

  11. I have had more cardinals at my feeders this winter than any winter before. Eight male cardinals yesterday! last year, there were only two.


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