Saturday, March 22, 2014

An old Movie Star Scrapbook

I am going through, tossing out, giving away....

Time to down-size in my life. And, I chose to do it while I am still able and in my 'right mind'. I would not leave that huge chore for my children to tackle after I am gone. Not that I am planning on 'being gone', nope, not for a long while yet. But, you know what I mean.

Anyway, it has made me nostalgic. Remembering first this thing, and then another. Things I wish I had (so I would have to get rid of them now. haha) like a scrapbook I made when I was a pre-teen. I was so into Hollywood stars. And, back then the stars were bigger than life! I knew them all by name. I'd cut their pictures out of newspapers and magazines and I pasted them into a scrapbook. I wonder what ever happened to that scrapbook.

I loved Veronica Lake and her long, blonde hair and the way it swooped over one eye. Sexy hairdo.
Of course, my favorite male was Clark Gable. Who wouldn't be mesmerized by his husky voice as he declared to Vivian Leigh that he didn't give a damn in 'Gone With the Wind". He actually said DAMN on the big screen. That was risqué in those days. Oh how we have fallen from grace over the years.
I thought Hedy Lamar was so beautiful. She was always perfectly made-up.
Loretta Young was another movie star that I followed faithfully.
I've been told that when I was young I favored Susan Hayward. I don't know.... what do you think?
This is me......

                                                                                    Susan Hayward.
Some people say that the photo of me in my teens looks more like Judy Garland.  

Regardless of who I look like, I look like ME and I never made it to Hollywood!


  1. Oh Mom! I wish you had that scrapbook still too!!!! :-) Loved the photos of the old stars. Most of my Favorite Celebs, More Favorite Celebs and Favorite Celebs II are the older stars, plus some specific stars featured in other Boards on Pinterest. I love them too! None of the modern stars hold a candle, though I do love a few.

    I LOVE that photo of does Yvonne. You look too sweet to be much like Susan Hayward....she was saucy. You are more like her later when you become more of a woman, and I think it's more personality than looks. You were just 13 in that picture, right? You look like sweetness personified!

  2. I think you looked like Judy Garland.

    I did something similar with the sort out last month when I got new shelves in the attic. Still have some stuff to go through but now I know it's there.

  3. There surely don't have movie stars like back in those good old(er) days. My favorite male star was Cary Grant and also liked Humphrey Bogart. Female favorites include Lauren Bacall and Judy Garland. And for dancing, no one compares to Fred Astaire

  4. I think you resemble both Judy and Susan, but like Marie said, "Sweeter",
    My best friend was crazy about Loretta Young. She'd send away for everyone's autographed pictures, and had a large boxfull of them.

  5. I've been trying to get rid of a few things around here, too. When one lives in the same house for 30+ years, much accumulation takes place. On top of that, I have my mom's collection of dishes and glassware, some from her mother. That's a lovely picture of you. I wonder which of our current movie stars will stand the test of time.


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