Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some New Information For You!

I'm still stuck in la-la land as far as finding new things to post about!! I hate winter!!

So, this is just a very random posting. Hope you find it informative, interesting, helpful or not!

I got my new Reader's Digest today. I think it's the best magazine anywhere around. Way over in the back was an article titled 'Extraordinary Inventions by Ordinary People'.  A Bulletproof vest invented by a Pizza delivery guy. The Super Soaker (now what in the dickens is that?). It was invented by a NASA geek.

And, then this caught my eye...
The Popsicle was invented by an 11 year old boy!! No Way. And, it was 1905 before freezers were around. How'd he do that?

Seems this kid had made a drink out of a drink mix (something sort of like that soft drink mix you see advertised now) and left it on the porch. It was cold that night and the blooming thing froze. When he tasted it, it was good. But, how to make them without the cold weather? He hung onto his idea until 1923. He called it an Epsicle (his name was Epperson) but his children started calling it Popsicle.

Now I found that little story so fascinating. Who of us hasn't had a popsicle sometime in their lives?

In another Reader's Digest I found out why Walt Disney World seems larger than life. It's all an optical illusion! As you enter the park, the street narrow giving an illusion of distance. The buildings on Main Street USA look several stories tall because the windows, signs etc. that are positioned higher up are smaller than those on ground level.  Same with the castle. As you look up toward the top, the windows and turrets are smaller than those lower ones. So, that's how Walt Disney tricked us into thinking we were in a bigger place! Amazing.

Do you know why Walmart has greeters at their doors?  To deter shop-lifting, that's why. I thought it was all Jeff Dunham's idea with his dummy Walter.


When I attended my grandson's college graduation exercises a couple of years ago, the speaker told how we all could tell who's drink is whose. I didn't see where that had much to do with the life these graduates were embarking on. But, if you have ever been in a situation at a crowded dinner table and there's all these drinks, and silverware and bread plates and dessert plates. You get the drift. How do you tell which one is yours? Easy says that speaker and an article from the Reader's Digest titled 'Table Setting Etiquette."  Curl your thumbs and forefingers around so that the ends of each finger touch each other. What does the left one look like? A  "b" and that's for bread which you will find on the left side of your plate. The right one looks like a "d". Your drink is on the right side! Now, how simple is that.

I hope you learned a little something today. If it was helpful great! If it wasn't, then at least you know
4 new things.
                                                                                                                       Have a great night,
                                                                               and you all, pray for spring. I am tired of winter!!


  1. I found all very interesting and we still buy popsicle's in the summer to cool off when we work in the yard.

  2. Last week I was trying to convince my husband that the greeter was there to enhance security. He was skeptical because our greeters are like 80 years old and couldn't tackle a thief! I pointed out that they probably have a device that calls the security guard.

  3. Jeff Dunham and Walter, fun, most of the time. You went and spoiled my bigger-than-life vision of Disney.

  4. Very interestin info, Latane! Oh, and a Super Soaker is the equivalent of a "water machine gun".

  5. While I no longer subscribe to Reader's Digest, I agree that it is full of fascinating bits of information and trivia and very interesting stories as well. I always pick up a copy to read if I am in a library or someplace one is available. Thanks for sharing these fascinating bits of information, especially the one about Disneyland, Latane. And, I wonder if some of the Walmart greeters I have seen would be able to deter a determined (and much younger) shoplifter.

  6. The popsicle story was awesome! And how to tell which glass is yours was pretty clever too. What fun info, Mom!

  7. I like Reader's Digest too, but I tend to run a month behind in my reading of it.

    Welcome to Walmart, git yer Sh*t and get out! LOL. We love Jeff Dunham at our house.

  8. i never knew that about the popsicle or disney! i know that main street disney was based on walt disney's hometown in missouri though! i didn't know that until we moved to missouri :)

  9. I haven't read the Reader's Digest in quite some time, but reading your post makes me want to pick up another copy. Thanks for sharing.


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