Monday, April 28, 2014

Honoring Vietnam Veterans

On Sunday my friend, Leslie, and I went with a group of people to attend the International Tattoo performance. It is part of Norfolk, Virginia's Festival Of Arts.

I had never been so it was an exciting and very moving event. My late husband, Elbert, served in Vietnam. The Tattoo was honoring the veterans who fought in that war. Outside the Scope, Les and I viewed the Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall (The Wall That Heals). This memorial is about 1/2 the size of the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. It lists every member of the military, both men and women, who lost their lives in Vietnam. The total number is 58,286.

There were also jeeps and helicopters and other things from that era that were on display. Although I took over 100 pictures I decided that today I would concentrate my blog on what was going on outside the arena.

                                                           SCOPE ARENA - NORFOLK, VA.
                               I did not get a picture of Scope so I borrowed this one from

                                                       VIEWS FROM OUTSIDE

If you get a chance to see the International Tattoo you really should! So patriotic, so stirring.


  1. Wonderful post, Mom! So glad you got to go. We always wanted to, and never made it. Would have been a good year for us to have attended, since they were honoring Viet Nam vets. Glad you had a great time.

  2. What a wonderful way to honor those vets.

  3. My hubby, called BG on my blog, is a Vietnam Vet, too. This would be nice to see! God bless our troops, past and present!

  4. Lovely post to honour the Vietnam vets and particulary Elbert, you are always a Navy wife at heart!

  5. Glad you went to pay tribute to the Vietnam vets. You look marvelous! I'm serious.


  6. Thanks for sharing about this event, Latane. We couldn't attend, but love seeing your pictures. I've been to the Wall many times. Too many names on there that remain in my heart and mind.

  7. we pass that spaceship all the time ... that is what it looks like when you see it in person all the time ... when visiting the in-laws. what a lovely way to honor vietnam vets. ( :

  8. This looked like an amazing event, Latane. I looked at the most recent post first and then backtracked to this one.


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