Monday, April 7, 2014

It's Raining This Monday Morning

Right off the bat, let me encourage you to hop over and check out my daughter's blog . I gave her some old quilts many, many years ago and there's an interesting tale on there about what she did this weekend. So, go see and tell her I sent you.

As you know I am relocating!! Downsizing!! Whatever you want to call it. From the small, small town of Wakefield to Suffolk, which covers a lot of area and is considered a city.

 I am so busy with all that. I'll have a lot of things to put in a yard sale and I sure hope I can make a little money to help with the new furniture I am buying.

Yes, I could have used my old but who wants a new place with old furniture? Here's a picture of my new table and chairs. It's still at the furniture store as I don't have possession of my apartment until Thursday. There's a lot of clutter around it but my stuff waiting to be delivered is the round table and four chairs.

I still have not found a sofa and chair for the living room. I sort of like this one but prefer something a little more traditional (not such straight, clean lines). I did think it was very comfortable and I could use that color. So, we'll see.

I have so many pieces (large and small) that I have to find homes for. Things passed down to me from my Mom, Grandmother and Aunt. I have no clue who would want this. Can you guess what it is?

This was an old wind-up Victrola record player. My Aunt took the 'machine' out of it. The top lifts up and there is a flat place to store things. The two doors also offer storage space. Sort of wish the record player was still in place.

It's raining this morning. I can't complain. I love to listen to the rain on the roof. It's sort of like music.
                                                    Have a great day, a wonderful week, an incredible life.



  1. So exciting to buy new stuff for a new start. I recognized the Victrola. My mom had one, too. It was very similar to yours. Maybe you can place it in a consignment shop (like Rooms and Blooms here in Newport News). Sounds like it might make a great dry-bar. Enjoy the rain, Latane. Heading over to your daughter's blog now :)

  2. Victrolas are such neat items. My MIL still has one.

  3. It is nice to listen to rain on the roof, isn't it?
    I know your move is bittersweet....are you having the yard sale at your home in Wakefield? Have you set a date for it?

  4. Your dining table & chairs are excited you must be to be getting this close to moving in! I never saw a Victrola like that..its very interesting.

  5. Nice to see the new furniture, Latane, as it is exciting to start off with new pieces in a new place. We had considered keeping some of our current furnishings, but may start anew as well. That old Victrola may be re-purposed as long as the right person sees it. A consignment or antique store could be a place to start or place your own ad.

  6. I do hope you can sell your old furniture, Mom...try craigslist too. It's going to be a little weird for you not to have some of the stuff. Are you keeping the upstairs bedroom suite in the blue room to use in the new apartment? I hope you are. Thanks for the link to my quilt blog! I know you'll be so happy to get into the new apartment. I think you're going to love it there, Mom! Oh, I really like the blue of that sofa. But keep looking. Make sure.

  7. I hope you find the *perfect* couch for your new home.

  8. The wood on the Victrola looks wonderful. I would certainly have that piece appraised. I would not be surprised if it wasn't worth more than you might think.


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