Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Things On The Move

Things are so hectic around here we all are in a constant state of confusion. First of all, my granddaughter and great-grandson, who had been with her parents (next door to me) for a short period of time, found an apartment. She will be moving out around the 10th.

I found me an apartment and can move in on the 7th. But, I am trying hard to slow my move down so as to not involve the kids next door right now because.... on top of my granddaughter's move and my move, it's the busiest time of the year for my daughter with Easter baking for her customers. The oven's are hot and chick cookies are hatching outta there constantly.
And, my son (who has moved to Alabama) had his 27 ft. sailboat stored in my daughter's yard.

 He arranged for a transport come to haul the boat to a slip at Wheeler State Park near his new home. And, the guy with the huge transport truck got stuck in said daughter's yard. It took a tow truck to pull him out.

We got word today that the Stargazer is safely at a marina in Alabama. Yippee.

So, if I seem a bit scatter-brained I think you will understand why. Now, to get this move over with and me get settled into my new place. Life will be grand!


  1. Sounds like you have a lot going on. The little cookies are adorable!

  2. You do have a lot going on, but I know it will settle down eventually.

  3. Oh my gosh! I wondered when he'd try to get the boat to AL. Glad it's done, but how awful the truck got stuck!

  4. Such an interesting post and you are so busy. I ask myself also..why do I bring so many things home?? Its fun...but piles up. I saw a show on tv called 'the hoarder'...and thought oh my! The man had a path through shoulder high Walls of stuff!

  5. Oh dear, having to get a truck that big towed. Glad the boat made it safely to its new home.


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