Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday was a busy day!

Beautiful day... full of sunshine, not too hot, not too cool. Perfect.

And, I had a ton of stuff to do.

I got my hair cut. Amy at Hairworx has been blowdrying it pretty smooth and trying to cover up that huge cowlick in the back.

Today she used the infuser dryer and just look at me. I love it. I am getting better at taking 'selfies', too.

Went to a furniture store in Smithfield but did not find one single apartment sized sofa in that place. So, I move on with that project. I can always sit in folding chairs til I find what I want! Right?

Had a nice, quiet and very delicious lunch all by myself at Taste of Smithfield. Had Terri's famous chicken salad sandwich with sweet potato fries. Yummm.

Stopped off at my favorite furniture store (Ivor Furniture) and found a tv cabinet which I bought. They will deliver it along with my dining table and 4 chairs ... when the big day comes. Thanks, Dixie.

And, now I am pooped. I am staring at all the stuff I have to do and have no energy left. I move sometime next week. Sure wish a good fairy would come while I sleep tonight and organize all my move but guess that won't be happening.

Some of you have asked where I am moving. I live in Wakefield, Va. That's on route 460 half way between Petersburg and Suffolk.  My new apartment is on Route 10 in Suffolk, 25 miles from where I live now.

I love the fact that it is only a couple/three blocks from the hospital, my dentist, a huge Walgreen, a large Food Lion, and a strip mall with some eateries and shopping. But... the apartment complex sits back off the road nestled in a wooded area so it doesn't seem like 'town' at all. How cool is that!!!!


  1. I am so happy for you, know you will love your new place sounds wonderful.

  2. I do so love and respect how you have lived your life. Good for you.
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  3. very cool that is :-), moving can be fun but definitely comes with work, hope you have lots of help. I have never had sweet potato fries and I love your selfie and the new hairdo.

  4. Really nice post, Mom! I know how busy you have been. It's such a big job! Glad your new hairstyle suits you! Take time to get some rest, too. Don't overdo it! Hope you find that new sofa you need soon!

  5. It's pretty cool, Latane. I love Ivor furniture. We bought our sofa and two chairs from there because we chose not to move our heavy sofa bed when we came here. They are just great folks.

  6. That sounds like the perfect location. Your hair looks great. I'm not sure what an infuser dryer is.


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