Friday, May 30, 2014

Bird Watching

The view from my balcony provides me with a lot of bird watching.

 Different kinds of birds than I had around my feeder back in Wakefield. There it was lots of cardinals, titmice, sparrows... you know, those common backyard kind of birds.

But here I see geese on the pond.
Twice I saw a hawk flying overhead. I'm sure he is nesting in nearby trees.

Daily I get to watch the Great Blue Heron who wades in the water searching for food.

One afternoon late I looked across the pond at an old dead tree and thought one of the top limbs looked weird. Not that I expected anything to be growing there but one never knows. I watched it for several minutes and suddenly it moved. I grabbed the binoculars!! What was that hump on that limb?

It was my Blue Heron!!

He'd stretch a wing, pick up a foot, stretch again, sit down and get up again. I watched him for ever so long.
I don't know... but was he settling in to roost there all night? I always thought of them as water and ground birds. But, then, what do I know? I'm more used to cardinals and titmice!!


  1. What a nice place to live, most places we checked out are not very cheerful.
    So we brought this small house with lots of wild life in the back to look at and I have a small garden to play in. Happy for you and know you are happy.

  2. Glad Memorial Day was moving and special there at the cemetery, Mom. I meant to say. Love your bird watching post! Great to get to see the hawk, the blue heron and the ducks!

    We are trying to do more, but it's hard with the heat now, with not being well enough to walk more than a few yards at a time, etc etc. But, I want to get back to Sweetwater soon where the birding is great, and also Rose saw the bobcat! :-) But we will have to go really early. And we are taking C up to Mt. Lemmon today for a nice afternoon in a little cooler temps. Maybe we'll see a bird or two. :-)

  3. So glad you have interesting birds to watch at your new home!

  4. You have a great spot to watch these birds.

  5. You have new varieties of birds to watch from your new home. The herons nest in the tops of tall pines--one certainly doesn't expect to see something so large up in a tree. Enjoyed seeing "your" birds!

  6. Now you do have a great balcony!!!!

  7. I did not realize until today that you had moved. That is a pretty balcony to watch the activity on the lake. I am so very happy for you. I look forward to hearing more about your new home and all the things you enjoy most.


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