Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day

                                                                 IT'S MAY DAY

And a Happy May Day to you!

May 1st is traditionally known as May Day, a time of celebrating spring. It is observed in different fashion in other countries. In the U. S. May Day celebrations have about ceased to exist.

I love the idea of welcoming spring with baskets of flowers. I was first introduced to the tradition when we lived at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Somehow, over the years, like everyone else, I have neglected putting my basket of flowers on my door.

One year recently I purchased a paper umbrella (ordered it online) and filled it with artificial flowers. It spent the spring and summer on my front door. And, I haven't done it since. Right now, at my new apartment, there is nothing on my door. I must remedy that.


  1. Love the umbrella with the flowers.
    Happy May Day

  2. I have always loved May Day, I guess because it was observed in small part in Maryland in my childhood, and I have fond memories of that. No one really thinks about it anymore, and that's sad. It does have pagan origins, but that's not the point...just a nice welcome to the beauty of spring, and a way to surprise someone with a bouquet on their doorstep! That part would be so wonderful...getting a surprise bouquet! :-) Always loved your umbrella!

  3. Happy May Day to you. Jim and I were married 49 years ago on May Day!

  4. Hope you're settling in at your new place!

  5. Belated Mom's Day greeting to you too, Latane


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