Friday, June 20, 2014

Winning The Lottery

What would you do if you suddenly won the lottery? Say it was a big take... a million dollars? What would you do. I think about it sometimes.

Of course, I would share with my family but the thought of 'strangers' coming out of the woodwork wanting a 'piece of the pie' would scare me.

I'd buy me a new car, nothing fancy but one that fit 'me'. My Ford 500 is 9 years old but she looks great, drives fine and I love it. Who knows, maybe I'd just keep it until it fell apart.

I might invest in a new pair of dress pants, a matching top and perhaps even a couple new nightgowns. My nighties are disgusting.

I would continue to live in my apartment and try not to let any of the other residents know I had 'money'. I never want anyone to feel uncomfortable around me.

I'd give a huge chunk to the care of my grandson who has autism. He will be moving into a residence soon and will always need someone with him. I'd just like to know that he has the best life possible.

I'd put some back for each of the great-grandchildren to go to college. I want them to have the best education money can buy.

And, then I just might take me a little trip back to Paris, then on to Tuscany, Italy. 

So, what would you do with a lottery winning? Have you ever thought about it?


  1. Bless you! this post struck home with me as I have a niece with autism. She will always need care too.

  2. I would pay off my house and buy a new car. I would travel!

  3. Well, I hardly ever buy lottery tickets but if I did and won, I'd divide up the win with my kids and my part I'd put into our vacation fund and travel to exotic islands and overseas. I'd love to go to England. I also know a couple of people I'd help...anonymously. Otherwise, as you said, people would come out of the woodwork and I'd have to keep the win quiet. Have a nice weekend!

  4. I've never really thought about it. I wouldn't want anyone else to know about the winnings, either. Just live life with a bit more freedom, and let hubby find a part-time job doing something he'd love to do.

  5. Jim and I have talked about this so many times. There is always wishful thinking! We would put money away for the education of our grandchildren Maybe pay off the kids house mortgages and probably buy ourselves a new vehicle. Put the rest away for an emergency, if needed. What a dream. Wouldn't it be wonderful though?

  6. Oh's always fun to think about it! Some land and a house would be on top of my list. :-) Of course we'd pay off our debts, and give money to Susan for that sweet guy's care. I'd do things for the kids and our grandchild, too, of course. It would be nice. :-)

  7. P.S. I might have to take the family to Europe...go back to Ireland! :-)

  8. Oh, I've thought of it, too! I'd get my family together for a beach vacation and then you and I can go to Italy together...and Paris! Wouldn't we have FUN! It's always good to dream! Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane


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