Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hot Weather

The ole weatherman says that it is gonna be HOT today. I don't like HOT.

But, no one asked me!! So, I will live with the near 100 degrees today and be thankful that the sun does shine. The Lord has made this day and I will be glad.

                                                                                                  Stay Cool,


  1. I'm with you, I wish it weren't so hot but much better than a Typhoon. cute giraffe and sun, I enjoyed the poem

  2. I don't like the hot temps either. I still remember the way below temps and heavy snow from last winter and I rejoice! :-)

  3. Summer Time---Summer Time--
    I can hardly think it is July and it will be over soon. Time is just going to fast for me now.

  4. Do stay cool! We have had a few hot days as well!

  5. Well, we escaped the heat for thirteen days...well, actually for just about ten, because it was hot going north at the beginning, and then two days of heat greeted us coming back. But, it was such a good respite. Good to be home! I was a little sad as we finally left the mountains. They were so incredibly beautiful! Have SOOOO much to share!


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