Friday, July 4, 2014

the Fourth of July

I just loved the Random 5 meme and recently found out that Tanya has taken that over and has Willy-Nilly Friday   Naturally I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and participate. I bet you'd like it, too.
and I want to try out Friendship Friday

1. First of all just let me say
So happy that Hurricane Arthur missed us here in Suffolk, Va. But, it sure did put a damper on a lot of folks 4th of July plans.

2. I'm worried about those baby ospreys that are nested atop the cell tower near my apartment. When they take their first flight.... well, it's a long way to the ground! Click on picture to enlarge so you can see those youngsters.
3. When I was growing up we used to make home-made ice cream for the 4th of July. I wish I had some of that yummy stuff today.
4. I hate snakes. You wouldn't catch me holding one for anything. Here are two of my grandchildren with snakes. I don't think they are any kin to me. hehe
5.  I am so proud of our military members who are not at home today... they are off taking care of all of us. Thanks, guys and gals.


  1. I hope mama osprey is circling around to see if the babies need a landing pad in mid air. Wow, that is a long way down. Ugh snakes! Happy 4th!

  2. happy 4th of july to you!!! my grandpa used to make the ice cream and it was the best! that old crank style was much better than the electric models today. i have one but i think i've made ice cream in it twice. just not the same thing as sitting out in the yard waiting for grandpa to finish!
    your grandkids are brave! thanks for linking!!

  3. We used to do the ice cream crank, too. Looked just like the one you pictured. Always fun to run around the area looking for enough salt. I'm not fond of snakes, but they don't creep me out like cockroaches do (shiver). Happy 4th, Latane.

  4. Love home made ice-cream!!! Actually….I love all ice cream. :)
    The osprey's are just amazing birds; seems they always figure it out.
    Happy 4th!!

  5. Great Willy Nilly Friday Five post! Those poor baby ospreys getting a good dose of radiation!:-( It's the Fourth and I am praying hard for our country. There is so much that is wrong. Good Christian leadership is what we need. We had our first monsoon storm last evening, and it is wet out there but Russell put the flag out. Glad the plants got a good drink. Hope it keeps it up! Have a great day, Mom!

  6. I love homemade ice cream too and I haven't had any for a very long time.
    I hope the baby ospreys have a safe flight.

  7. I'm not too fond of snakes either. I bet those little Osprey's will do okay but you are right it is a long way down. I liked how you shared your husband's military headstone, soldiers are such brave men and women.

  8. I remember the barette system for ice cream, me also i don't love snake.

  9. oh *shudder* bwave grandkids! Those ospreys like excitement...there are some nesting where we visited on the 5th in more pleasant circumstances...not quite such a thrill.


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