Friday, August 22, 2014

Five Thoughts for Willy-Nilly Friday

Hey there,

It's Willy-Nilly Friday  Thanks Tanya for keeping the Random Five alive!!

Now, for my Random Five!

1. You know, I really miss paper dolls. I do. It's been probably 75 years since I played with any but I do believe if I had some now I would cut them out and dress them and just have fun. Are you too young to know what paper dolls are? Aw... you really missed out.

2. I still don't have that book ready to get on the market! Writing the description for the back book cover has been a daunting task. Much harder than you think. There's a pile of wadded up paper beside my desk.. all rejects. I'm getting closer though. Oh, did I show you this cute tote my daughter and son-in-law gave me for Christmas. Perfect.
3. I mentioned in my last post that I was going to Dover Downs. Well, didn't win much there but on the bus trip up there, the tour director collected a dollar from every passenger and then had a drawing. And... it was my name drawn out of the hat!
4. I didn't bring my 4 slice toaster down to the apartment when I moved. And, I really like toast made with a toaster oven. So, after making my toast for 4 months in my stove, I got me a new toaster oven. Yummy.
5. The osprey are gone now. I miss them. I've spent all summer watching those two babies grow and be fed and grow some more and finally take test fights out of that nest high up on top of that cell tower. Well, maybe next spring one of them will come back to start another family there and I can watch them again.
You all have a wonderful weekend. I hope the weather is great where you are and that you are blessed with feeling your best.


  1. Fun post , you are moving right along with a great life. Now if you want to cut out paper dolls look up the site for historical dressed paper dolls I have and it is fun.

  2. I am an avid birder, so you being able to watch an osprey family from nest building to fledglings makes me jealous!!! What a life time thrill.

    Love the tote bag you received as a gift!!!

    Oh, at the age of 65, yes, I do recall paper dolls.

  3. ps...I just read your 'about me'...and I too have a Navy husband, not career, but was active for many years. He retired from a federal government job.

    Anyway, being married to one man for 60 years is phenomenal!!! [Bud and I have been together for 46 years this past May]

    I'm going to begin following your posts in my blog reading list if you don't mind.

  4. Great Willy Nilly Friday Five Mom! Love the picture of you with all that money! :-) And the one of you with the tote bag...what an awesome gift! And paper dolls--I wish I had some of the ones I had as a kid, the old movie stars from the 50s! Thanks for your comments on my posts. I was hoping to see those this morning! :-) I don't have Photoshop, as you know, or I would have fixed that shot...but yes, I'd love to send it to you and have you fix it for me! I do want to enlarge it and frame it for the wall. I was so excited it was such a good picture, and didn't notice the "little extra" till about the third time I looked at it! :-)...

    Just noticed Hootin Anni's comment--LOVE her! She used to live in AZ and CO and now lives on the Gulf Coast in TX. She & I have a lot in common, too.

  5. I too loved to play with these dolls !

  6. congrats on winning the dollar draw!i did have a set of paper dolls when i was little.

  7. yay on all the loot!! love your bookbag and it's fun to think that the baby birds will be back to make families of their own! i've never owned a toaster oven! thanks so much for linking and have a great weekend!!

  8. Racy paper doll I'd say. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  9. Well, I love your 5 thoughts...each is very interesting....BUT most of all, I noticed how pretty you look! Your hair, your make up and your skin. I know you did a make over quite a few months ago but today I just had to mention how sweet and delightful you look. Have a beautiful weekend!


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