Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gardening at The Commons

Just don't know what is wrong with me!!

I can't seem to be satisfied with any blog design I do....

I keep trying. I hope you don't get bored with me changing things so often. I do love the design aspect of it, though. New headers, new color backgrounds. Must be the artist in me.

But, here is another one!

And, so on, to other things. I recently took a walk around The Commons (where I live) with camera in hand. On the other end of the building is the Garden Spot. I see it when I drive by but I'd never been there 'on foot'.  Residents can sign up for a spot and plant anything there they wish.

Here are some pictures I took.

A salad on the vine!
Pretty Pink
A bumblebee on the zinnias.
Gathering pollen
Pretty white dahlias
Love this charming frog. He likes white daisies.
Cheerful birds welcoming guests to the garden.


  1. Oh, Mom! I love that there is a garden spot where residents can plant anything they like! Perhaps you can put in a flower or two! Lovely photos, Mom. Especially adore that bumble bee! And I just realized....your posts are going to be eye candy to me this coming Fall! There will be COLOR! :-) Glad you liked the chipmunks. And oh yes, that boy is getting big...growing up! :-)

  2. Meant to tell you, LOVE the new header pictures and the lavender background. Keep it this way till Fall!

  3. Hi, Loved this post, especially that first picture of the bumblebee and the zinnias! It's wonderful that you have a post to grow something! I'd probably plant tomatoes! They have been so good this year. I would love living in a place like yours!

  4. Isn't that a neat idea for residents to have a little garden spot! The pictures are so pretty!

  5. How wonderful that they provide the residents a place to garden. That is such a nice perk. Love your pictures, and the new color scheme. I like it when you change things up.

  6. A common garden in your vicinity...what a great concept!! [that bird bath with the duck is awesome too]

    And like you, I change my header all the time. Sometimes background colors too. For me, it's really that I get tired of one design all too quickly.

    LOVE your lavender and turquoise background!!!

  7. I agree with the others, the garden is a great idea!


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