Saturday, September 13, 2014

Eat Your Veggies

I meant to post this next Monday but hit the wrong button. So, it's here early. Sorry.

I was raised on Southern Fried Chicken. Nothing better in this world.
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I just wanted to make that statement before I launch this post on Monday's 'Living to be 100' thingy that I decided to do.

So, in that case, I may not make it to 100 because.....

Today's tip is on Eating Vegetarian.

Did you know that Vegetarians generally have fewer degenerative diseases (and cancers) than those who devour meat?  It's true that 1/3 of all  cancer patients got their cancer because they did not have sufficient whole plant fiber in their diets.

I know that I probably would not have had colon cancer if my digestive system had been in better shape. It was a problem all my life and at age 68 I was told I had cancer. I needed surgery and chemo. Gee, I wish I had eaten more fiber, more veggies. It would have been a whole lot less painful or scary.

The book suggests making eating meat a treat instead of a habit. And, I am doing that more and more. Let's see what happens.

On a lighter note:

I want to recommend a lovely blog that I follow. I hope you will like it, too.

It's Lisa's A Cottage To Me at 

The blog is full of interesting events she and hubby have encountered while restoring an old house. There's lots of great d├ęcor, gardening and antiquing ideas. Pay her a visit. I bet she'd be tickled pink.


  1. I'm sure a lot of the cancer patients have it in their genes...otherwise why do specialists want family history of cancer before proceeding. My folks and their folks ate meat...a LOT of it...and no-one knock wood, has had cancer.

    But it's a thought to research to be sure.

    Now, I'm off to visit your recommended blogger.

  2. Hi Latane. Great post. I followed you here from your other post. Off to visit your recommended blogger! Blessings Jo

  3. Hello there.....I agree totally about eating the vegetables and fiber. My Jim had Colon Cancer about 10 or so years ago. We ate veggies but never to the extent that we eat them now. I love them..... anyway they are prepared and although Jim never did...he does now. We eat fiber, too. It tastes good.
    Did go and visit your blog friend. Looks like a great blog!

  4. I will just wait on God to say check out time. All the men in my family went in their 70+ and the lady's in their 80+ but one Aunt and she lived to be 101.

  5. I have lightened up on eating meat myself. And, I feel better for it.

  6. A Cottage to Me has always been a favorite for me. :)

    We try to eat only veggies at least 2 times a week (black eyed peas, baked potato half and cornbread sure is hard to beat) and most weeks, 3 times. I'm not a fan of meat other than pork...bacon, ham are favorites but I don't eat a lot. Red meat...only rarely..never fish, but Mr. Sweet likes it a lot.

    I believe cancer genes run in heart problems do.

  7. Couldn't get your link to take me to the new blog you wrote about. Blogspot says its available.

  8. Dear Latane, please don't beat on yourself for what you did and did not eat - often we do what we think is right for our bodies and still end up with these dastardly diseases. Want you to know that I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at age 47 when I had already been a vegetarian for 10 years and was in perfect health - or so I thought. I had surgery and radiation, then chemo 2 years later when I had a recurrence. Since then I've been cancer-free (25 years, and so thankful) and have remained a non meat eater - I do eat fish - and hope I live many more years, you too dear!

    Hugs - Mary

    P.S. Nobody else in my family has had colon cancer but my dad died of pancreatic cancer at age 76. My mother, a lifetime smoker, lived to age 91 - never had any type of cancer!

  9. Good for you! I have recently discovered kale and a great Weight Watcher recipe for cooking with it. Kale is wonderful for our health. I have to work on exercise now to improve my good cholesterol.

  10. Wise words Latane . . . I especially try to eat as many vegetable meals I can create when all the freshly grown are available in the farmer markets around here. And not only the veggies but the fruits too. I am fortunate to live near Michigan's vegetable/fruit bounty . . .
    I will hop over and visit your friend . . .
    I am "tickled pink" when you visit me . . .
    Enjoy a wonderful September week . . .

  11. Hi there, My goal is to eat a total of 10 fresh fruits and veggies each day... It's easy in the summer --and not so much so in winter. BUT--I do pretty well most of the time....

    Another goal I have is to eat between 60-80 grams of protein each day... That is an easy goal most of the time except for the fact that I don't eat very much meat these days (only about 3 oz at a time). SO--I have to eat other things in order to get that much protein...

    Fun Fun..... I am trying my best to live a long and healthy life. BUT--I wasn't very good at it when I was younger. Darn!


  12. You know...I usually don't like huge portions of meats. If I can choose more veggies & (ahem) breads & starches my meat portion will be pretty small. I don't understand double hamburgers, and especially not triple ones. I just don't focus on meat...except once a year I will enjoy a beautifully done steak. The rest of the time, it doesn't interest me a lot. That's a good thing, I know. Controlling my desire for those breads & starches is another! :-) I like the idea of making meat a treat. Artfully prepared veggies is sometimes more fun. We could all learn from this!

    I'll check out the cottage blog! Hope you're having a great Monday, Mom! The fundraiser is today...pray I make it through it! :-)


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