Sunday, September 28, 2014

More from Williamsburg

And, on we go... more pictures from Williamsburg.

                           I know, you are asking, 'Will she ever stop?' 

                                                               Yep, pretty soon, I promise.

                       There is just something that compels me to take pictures of gulls on pylons.
                          (I am certain that isn't the correct name.. somebody tell me what it is!!)
                                    And, old wooden benches are begging me to sit down for a spell.

                             Once upon a time I met a friar/monk in a garden. He was reading his Bible.

                                                       I love this rooster weather vane!

                    I had to leave my vehicle in the parking lot. No cars allowed at this hitching post.

                                    You have no idea how tempted I was to get Leslie to take a
                                     picture of me in the stocks.  But, I resisted the urge.


  1. I love seeing more from Williamsburg!

  2. Another group of very interesting pictures. My favorite is the rooster weather vane. Something draws me to it...maybe because we have on the top of our two story garage. We bought it before we moved here and before they added the big garage for us. It is amazing how much we watch that vane to see which way the wind direction is coming from.

    Hoping this is a great week for you with a whole lot of blessings. We babysat our new little grandson on Saturday night. That really was a blessing!

  3. these are wonderful...i have pics of my boys in the stockades!

  4. Well you should have done it.. George and I have pictures of each other in those stocks... HA HA ....

    We love Williamsburg --and I never get tired of your photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Darn it, Latane, it would have been "fun" to see you in that stockade.

  6. i enjoy the weather wane. i always forget we have one on our house - it is pretty quiet unless it needs oiling. we have a rooster. ( :

  7. Very wise! It's never a good idea to allow oneself into a tight fix...somebody might leave a person there. LOL!

    Have enjoyed looking over your recent posts and I see that you are looking forward to a Scrapping Good Time in October...have a lot of fun!


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