Friday, September 5, 2014

This is So ME!

Love the Willy Nilly Friday that Tanya is hosting. You ought to check  it out.

Now, for my Random 5 things.

1. I just read a long quote from Meryl Streep (on facebook) that I love. It's about how, at her age, she has no patience for things that cause her stress, people who are rude and uncaring. It goes on and on. That is so ME at this age. Me, me, me. Life is just too short to waste it on trying to please people who don't give a hoot. I will fill my life, what's left of it, with joy and gladness.

2. There is nothing more peaceful than sitting on my balcony in the dead of night enjoying a sliver of moon as it plays peek-a-boo with me from behind a cloud.

3. I do love food. Since my colon cancer surgery (12 years ago) I have to watch what I eat. And, as I age, it gets more tedious. My tummy did not like the Chinese food that I ate yesterday!

4. Happy, happy, happy that, with summer over, the activities have picked up here at The Commons. I have something to do five days out of the next seven!

5. After several weeks of absence I saw a goose on the pond yesterday. And, the blue heron. Maybe with cooler weather I will get to enjoy the birds that I did when I moved in here.


  1. Lovely post, Mom! Oh yes for #2!!! Glad you have lots of activities this week! Visited Paulette (from church) yesterday and she gets so lonely...I know it can be hard when you are alone most of the time. She can't go to quilting with me Tuesday and was so unhappy about that.

    By the way, I did a Good fences post that you didn't see! Check it out. Love you!

  2. You've got to go back one and see what your great-grandson did! I'm posting fairly often, and I don't want you to miss anything! That one was connected to Good Fences, also.

    It's pretty flat here too! The mountains are close, though, and that makes a huge difference. Wish we could move further north near Prescott or Payson! HATE this heat! Oh well. There are always trade-offs, and being here with the kids means so much!

    By the way, I love that magnolia!!!

  3. I agree life is to short to be bothered by people like that.
    I find it strange that as we age our stomachs change so much. My mom has the worst time eating foods now that she use to love. Makes it hard for me to find meals she will actually eat as I prepare her food most of the time.
    Glad that you got to see the geese and the heron.

  4. Hi Latane!
    You've been added to Blogging Over 50!
    Thanks so much for joining!!

  5. i love meryl streep! oh i'm so happy that you will have lots of fun activities going on! sorry the chinese food didn't sit right with you. :( thank you for joining willy nilly friday and have a great weekend!! beautiful magnolia!

  6. You sounds very happy in your new home. So happy you enjoy the balcony and the birds. Fall should be lovely from your balcony. Enjoy the weekend.

  7. I bet you are happy that the birds are returning...

    I still have trouble with realizing I don't have to please everyone else first.

  8. Hi Latane, I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Life is special....and busy is good. For sure. Have a nice week-end! Maggie

  9. I love your Number ONE also.. That is SO ME also!!!!! It's even true with blogging.. I cannot please everyone --so why not just be ME and blog the way I want to.... Yeah!!!!!

    You seem so happy at The Commons. This may be the best move you have made.. Congrats.


  10. Good for you, Latane. Seems we spend a big part of our lives trying to please.
    Life IS, indeed, too short not to please ourselves part of the time.:)

  11. Meryl Streep has her head on straight, me thinks. I agree with her.

    Nice to hear the birds are out where you can enjoy them now.

  12. A view just isn't complete without birds, is it? How lovely you can sit on your balcony any old time you like. Hope you're feeling better.

  13. All of those little tidbits from Meryl Streep make me think of myself, too. I try to be nice but the rest of it..(and I am way over 50)..well, I just don't care and that is the way it is!!!!!1


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