Monday, September 8, 2014

A Wee Bit of Fall

Although I dislike winter immensely, I do look forward to fall. Do you capitalize seasons? Just asking. Anyway, I don't do well in the heat of summer. Love that air-conditioning!! So, I am ready for me some F-A-L-L.

And, what do you know, there are signs of it here at The Commons. It's going to be exciting to see the changes as they happen. Even though there are pine trees (which never turn anything but green) there are plenty of hardwoods. It's gonna be COLORFUL.

See, I told you.... signs already.
The Maple

The Poplar

All of you who have followed my blog lately know I have enjoyed watching the birds on the pond and in the surrounding area. Yesterday, one was on the back side... far away... I swear, it looked like my blue heron only someone had doused it in bleach. It was white.

Well, it got closer and closer and I realized that it was an egret. First one I'd seen. So, I watched it as it made it's way around the large pond feeding on something in the water. Naturally I had camera in hand!!

Last Monday I started a weekly 'tip' thing-a-ma-jig taken from 'Hundreds of Ways To Live To Be 100'.  So, here's tip #2.  Now, I am not going to keep track of what number which tip is. I am confused enough as it is. But, this is #2.

                                                             EAT LIKE A KING BY DAY
                                                             LIKE A PAUPER BY NIGHT

Did you know that foods you eat process in your body differently at different times you eat them. The protein and fat (healthy, of course) that you eat at breakfast helps you lose weight. But, if you eat the same food at dinner it has tendencies toward weight gain, increased blood pressure and heart disease. Well,  blow me down!! So, perhaps I need to rethink my breakfast menu. And, I did love an occasional 'breakfast' dinner. Oh, Pooh.


  1. beautiful fall scenes! my grandparents always ate that way, their big meal was "dinner" at lunch and then dinner time, "supper" was something small like a sandwich.

  2. We have started to eat like a pauper at the dinner hour, main meal is lunch.
    Oh I hate getting so old!!!

  3. I do eat lighter at supper time and feel better for it! Love the fall scenes!

  4. We do have breakfast for dinner especially in the winter time. Sometimes I think it tastes better then instead of early in the day. Latane, I have to ask. Do you like it at the Commons? I have been thinking about you and wondering.

    Your pictures are so pretty and turning to the fall scenes. Very nice.


  5. Well, what do you know. That's good info on eating proteins and fats in the morn instead of the evening. We've been cutting down from 3 meals to 2 a day as well. Just don't need so much food now that we're not working everyday like we used to.

  6. OOO, Shoot, Latane, I just LOVE breakfast for dinner..bummer!!

  7. Beautiful fall color starting! How wonderful! And that egret is fabulous! The advice from the book is so good. I try to remember not to snack at night, but sometimes it's hard. Plus, I don't know why we eat a heavy meal at dinner! It is so bad for you to do that. But, that seems to be the norm these days. I like the idea of four small meals.

  8. Nice shot of the egret. I look forward to seeing your fall colors. No, seasons aren't capitalized. I always thought they should be, they made me think of proper names for them. Thanks for the food wisdom, I have much to learn.


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