Friday, October 31, 2014

Our Trip To The Mountains

I am linking with Willy-Nilly Friday 

1. I don't know about you but I tend to get a bit cranky when things don't turn out like I want them to. I mean, a gal starts looking forward to something and then her hopes are dashed. It just should be classified as a crime, don't you think?

2. My late husband would never make plans. I think that's tacky but he may have had a point. His reasoning was 'well, if it doesn't work  out then you won't be disappointed'.

3. But, I had my heart set on seeing the mountains in full color,  the trees all decked out in their finest array.  Is that too much to ask? But in all honesty, it was my fault.  I took off to the beach when I should have headed west to the mountains. When I came back Leslie and I should have gone ahead west but no.... this gal was tired from all the beach doings so we put it off. One week made the difference! Who would have guessed it? Now I know. You go to the mountains during peak season or do not set your expections high.

Doyle's River Overlook

The bright yellows and reds were gone......... the dogwood trees, just bare limbs.....

 the glorious orange ..disappeared.

4. The Park Ranger said we could go in FREE. Bet he did that just 'cause he knew we would be disappointed in the leaves.

 5. With all  the constant curves in the road, I was getting car sick. What the heck is that???? I don't get car sick. But, you just can never say never, now can you?

So, if you are sure you want to go forward and see what I saw... help yourself.  Just don't expect all those brilliant colors. It didn't happen.

                                                                    Trayfoot Mt. Overlook

Turk Gap Overlook, a milkweed
RipRap Overlook. I do look a bit 'carsick' there, don't I?
I laughingly told a passerby "It's a shame that the tree giving the most photo opt in the mountains is an old dead tree".
I've always said I wanted to go to Massanutten Mt.  It's a ski resort. I don't ski but I thought it would be pretty there so I wanted to go. This picture is of Massanuten Mt. in the distance. Okay, I've seen it, been there, done that. I'm over it.
Leslie looks pretty disheartened here, doesn't he? He was a good sport about it, though.
The next morning we headed home. And, lo and behold, we saw the prettiest color at the lower levels. Guess what? I was driving and couldn't take pictures. 
 Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. pretty colors!! I love having you share yourself in photo along the overlook.

  2. Me??? i think these are FABULOUS PHOTOS. . thank you so much for sharing them . . I hope today is filled with Delight . .

  3. At #1-I agree 100%!!!
    I'm sorry you were disappointed in the color/timing of your fall. And getting car sick is NOT fun for anyone.
    Here's hoping that next fall you get it all right. :)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. You don't know what cranky is! I like things MY way or the highway. I saw some nice fall color, but some was uninspiring'. Have a great weekend. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. Oh, I am so sorry, Mom! I couldn't tell from the facebook shots because they were smaller but you are right, this is pretty BROWN! And the best photo was of that dead tree. I know how disappointed you were, but you just have to say, I'm going next year, the first weekend of October, come heck or high water! Loved your comment on my Willy Nilly post (hope you will check out the two posts before've been gone so you didn't see those) and I got your awesome email. Will answer soon. Love you!

  6. i agree with you on number 1! you did see some pretty views though anyway...doesn't it seem like the fall colors came and went so quickly? i haven't really been out much to see them either and know i am going to regret it. thank you for linking and happy halloween! :)

  7. I think we all feel #1 at some point. - So sorry you missed the peak color but still your photos have their own special beauty. I liked the dead tree a lot. Getting car sick is never fun.

  8. Lovely images of the mountains, even if you missed the colors.. It is nice seeing a shot of you at the overlook.. Have a happy weekend!

  9. I've missed stunning autumn colours too by going west instead of east, never did get the timing right either so have never seen eastern Canada's nor your amazing fall colours. Funny post..with wonderful shots.

  10. Sorry that you were disappointed. Next year you will have to go earlier....before you go scrapbooking.

    It's November. I want the winter to be here and GONE!

  11. At least you got some nice pictures! Yes, it should be a crime if your hopes got dashed! Great pictures of the dead tree :) I so hope that next year you get there in time for the leaves show!


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