Saturday, November 1, 2014

Goodbye to The Leaves

If you saw my last post, you know that the fall color season was about over in the mountains. I live near the coast so our season is in full swing. We seem to have more pines which lessens the color.

But, then here comes a no'easter. Rain due any minute and the good ole weatherman says it's gonna be windy. Well, there goes the leaves.

So, I ran out and leaned over my balcony railing to take one last picture before they are all gone.

And, I thought I had to go to the mountains!!!

                                                             The maple in the parking lot

                                                         Pretty color across the pond.
                                                               Geraniums on my balcony

And, inside my little pumpkin decoration. I picked up leaves that fell from the maple tree in the parking lot and placed them under the glass on my Mom's old coffee table. They haven't lost their color.
Now, I never said that coffee table was clean!! You caught me. Oh well. Maybe I will get out the Windex..... maybe I won't. It's college football day. Think I will just crawl up on the couch and yell my head off for my favorite teams.

                                                                        So, much for Fall. It's moving on.



  1. Love your pretty views. That maple is gorgeous! I'm glad you have some leaves pressed under Grandmother's coffee table. You are saying goodbye to fall, and it hasn't started yet here! :-) Well, it's supposed to actually be in the 70s this week....Yay!!!! I want to drive somewhere next month and see fall color, but Yvonne sounded reluctant. We had a really nice time at their house last night. I want to share the photos, but I guess facebook is the best place for that, though she HATES having her picture posted on anything. :-)

  2. Lovely fall images.. I love the leaves on the coffee table.. It is windy here today and the leaves are falling off. Have a happy Saturday and I hope your favorite college team wins..

  3. Beautiful...from the rich, ripe red of the trees to the gorgeous geranium.

  4. ahhh, you colored my morning really good. Beautiful maple. And the coffee table arrangement is so pretty.
    Sundays are for being lazy if we want to. :)
    I have a big crock pot of Beef Stew simmering, it's cold here this morning and the house is cold..brrr. going to our home fellowship this evening. Life is good.

  5. With the leaves under the glass it looks like they are lying in a puddle - perfect autumn feel! I love it!

  6. You have some beautiful shots of fall!

  7. Love those Maple trees! I'm going to miss Fall. We had a HUGE frost here this morning and I saw 25 degrees on the thermometer!


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