Monday, November 17, 2014

I Remember Laundry Day

It's true.... I've lived a lifetime!!! And, sometimes I remember weird things.

Things long forgotten but were so much fun when I lived in that time frame.

Do you remember washday back in the olden times?

Now, I've never paid anyone to do my laundry nor have I ever had to take in someone else's laundry. It's back breaking work and I sure wouldn't want to have to do it for a living. Not for 25 cents a load but I guess in those days it wasn't a bad deal.

                                         You'd go to the store to buy detergent.
Lo and behold there would be a nice drinking glass inside the box.. of course, the glass took up a lot of room so they didn't have to put as much detergent inside but I'd rather have that pretty glass than detergent any day. Have you noticed, you don't get anything for free anymore.
         And, those infernal clothes pins. and hanging the wet clothes
         out on a line and letting the breeze and sunshine dry them....
that is, if you were lucky enough to have sunshine on laundry day.
The wooden pins weren't so bad but then they started making those darn PLASTIC things!!!!
                 They would break, leaving part of the pin hung up in your clothes.
                     What a mess to get loose. I am not sure Plastic was such a great invention!!
But, I don't have to hang my clothes anymore... I have this fancy machine that heats up and turns round and round and soon the clothes are ready to be folded and stored away. Progress... hey, I can even do my laundry when it's pouring down rain!!
Oh that reminds me.... today is Monday and I have to do my laundry and wouldn't you know it....
it's raining.


  1. Oh yes, I remember those days! My mom even had a wringer washing machine. I still have some of the old wooden clothes pins.

  2. I remember hanging my baby sister's cloth diapers on the line to dry when I was a kid and my grandmother had a washing machine on her back porch that had a wringer. I'm glad it's so much easier these days!

  3. Mom would use the wringer washing machine in the farm kitchen when I was little. She was so afraid we would get our arm caught in the wringer. She learned of some child doing that and she was afraid for us. I think my washing machine and dryer that I have now is wonderful compared to days gone by!

  4. What a fun post. You made me smile. I went to a wedding shower Saturday and wished I could have given the bride to be a maid for a few months. She will never dream how much work there is in housekeeping. A lifetime of things to do. Maybe I'm just old & tired...maybe nothing! Haha


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