Monday, December 8, 2014

Book Signing Day

                              Yesterday was one day I will never forget.

I never suspected that one day I would be the author honored with a book signing!!

                                               I mean, really!

                                       That happened to other people.

I was nervous!
               I was excited!
                      I was scared!

And, then the people started coming in and telling me how amazing it was that I had written a book. And, how proud they were of me.

And, at this age! Good Lord. Aren't 80 year olds supposed to be ready for the nursing home or at least a rocking chair. Well, they didn't say that about the age thing. That was my thought.

      The pictures will tell the tale about what a wonderful day it was! Just take a look!

                              People begin to cluster around, talking, picking up their book or books.

                        A group of my scrapbooking buddies came. What a great bunch of girls.

                                Me and Shirley at the book signing. She did a wonderful job as hostess.

 Look at that refreshment table. Shirley outdid herself. Of course, she had help from 3 year old Dylan.
The theme was Magnolias, of course. The book is set in Magnolia, Mississippi.

                         I got lots of hugs from three of my great-grandsons. They are so precious.

Yes, it was a very exciting day for me. I appreciate everyone's efforts in making it special.


  1. Wonderful for you and congratulations. What a inspiration you are to us senior bloggers.

  2. Hello Latane, You look wonderful! I am so excited for you. I bought the book a few weeks ago through Amazon and have not had a chance to start it. I am so looking forward to reading it! I hope you sell every single copy! God bless you.

  3. What a lovely day for you! The pictures are awesome and congrats. I am so happy for you!

  4. Huge congratulations Latane, you are an inspiration to so many of we 'golden girls', and you look fabulous in these pics at the signing. Shirley is so beautiful too and must have been so proud of you that day.
    I've always dreamed of having something published - I think it must really make one feel you have left your special mark in the world. I wish you great success with the sales of your book - is it available in B&N stores?

    Hugs - here's to the next novel!

  5. Congratulations! What a wonderful day and I love the pictures. You look so pretty!

  6. So happy for you --and PROUD to know you and call you a friend... You are an inspiration.... Goes to show that we ALL can follow our dreams and work hard to make them come true. CONGRATS.

  7. oh i am so happy for you! looks like the book signing was a success and you looked beautiful!

  8. What a wonderful day for you Latane and you rightly looked proud and lovely. Congratulations on making your dream a reality!

  9. What a happy, fulfilling day! You are so lovely and stylish, and your BOOK is simply so elegant and beautiful---as my Mammaw used to say, you must have just busted ALL your buttons! I'm behind on everybody's doings this fall, and just hadn't gotten in on the excitement of your great accomplishment. I cannot imagine how it must feel to have folks lining up to BUY your WORDS.

    I did have my entire blog printed back in October, all six years so far, and just to hold those beautiful, colourful volumes in my hands and know they're solid and real---isn't that absolutely amazing?

    I just stepped in to say thank you for dropping in at LAWN TEA, and am now off to claim a copy of my own. This is so exciting---I know an AUTHOR! What thrilling times these must be, and if ANYBODY can claim to be busy, it must be you. I've heard what a whirlwind that is when you've published a book. Oh, well. I can dream.

    What a joyous, dream-come-true day---simply splendid all round. Congratulations.



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