Monday, January 5, 2015

Good Random Fun

A New Year brings about promise of change, new adventures, fun times to balance the sad events. So, what would be more perfect than to join in Good Random Fun. Be sure you check them out. You might find some new ideas for your own days ahead.

Back in October I discovered that I probably have celiac or at least a gluten intolerance.  I put myself on a semi-gluten-free diet. I feel so much better, have lost most of that tire around my mid-section, and I don't even miss that cake... those breads...spaghetti.

                         Well, maybe I miss a Whopper ever once in awhile.

So, after some years of having tummy pain, bloating and other problems I am on the road to having a better life
                                         That is a GOOD thing!

I just thought I'd mention that tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 81 years old. How the H..... did that happen? Picture made at my huge birthday party last year. I've decided I am not having any more birthdays, youall.

My daughter, Marie, and I just started a Blogger Book Club! How fun is that! We hope a lot of you readers will join us. Check out yesterday's post on this blog or go to Springtime In Magnolia to find out how to be a part of it.


  1. Like your Random Fun...will try to join in when I can. Happy Birthday, tomorrow, Mom! Hope this year is fantastic for you!!!! Glad the gluten reduction is helping.

  2. 81?! Wow, you look good. Glad you are feeling better too. Rebecca

  3. Happy birthday! I too am celiac and gluten free - check out the recipe section on my blog for GF items!!

  4. I am glad the gluten free diet is helping you.. I wish you a very Happy Birthday!

  5. You look Fabulous! Here is wishing you another joyful and rewarding year-
    Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday and I'm glad you joined up with

  7. Happy birthday, Latane You don't look your age one little bit. Here's to many more.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday, Latane. I hope you are celebrating for the whole week.! You look so pretty and young. I think you have your true age mixed up! Many Happy Returns to you!


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