Thursday, January 29, 2015


Talk about a perfect time for 'C' for the ABC Wednesday meme

I am running late but it couldn't be helped. I have been in Tennessee attending my brother-in-law's funeral. Wonderful man. He's gonna be missed greatly.

I received a lot of terrific photographs that a couple friends took during Elbert's (that's my husband) military funeral. After it all was over and things had settled down I realized what a treasure those pictures were. So, now, I try to do the same for others.

CAMERA in hand I took snapshots at the gravesite. On my way back to Virginia I took some other pictures. When I inserted the CARD into the COMPUTER I knew that there was a CALAMITY  in my midst. There was not one single picture on my CAMERA. Nothing... nada.... zilch. What had happened!!!

But, my CARING and amazing son-in-law, John, CAME to my rescue. He downloaded a program of some sort and found those errant pictures.

Tip to Photographers!! Okay, most of you probably know this but I am slow!

If there are pictures you don't want to lose, download to COMPUTER as soon as possible. And, handle that CAMERA with care until you do. I am just saying....

Take it from me....


  1. I just this minute watched a dvd about this exact issue! Would love to know the program that retrieved your photos (stopping by from Jemma's).

  2. Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. I wondered where you got to.

  3. Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law.

  4. Latane,
    I am so very sorry about the passing of your brother-in-law. You and the family will be in our thoughts.
    On a brighter note, so thankful that the photos have been recovered, thank you for the tip on downloading our photos
    as quickly as we can to our computers. If you find out the program your son-in-law used to restore the lost photos please let us all know. I see Doreen dropped by and is interested as well.

  5. So sorry about your brother in law! I am glad you were able to retrieve some of your photos! Happy weekend!

  6. Sorry for your loss,
    I'm so pleased you managed to retrieve your photographs as they must be very special
    to you and your family.
    This is the first time I have visited your blog and have enjoyed reading it, also I like your
    bedtime prayer, my sentiments entirely,
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  7. I'm so sorry about your family's loss. Pictures are so important so thankfully yours were found.

  8. I'm so sorry for the loss of such a vital, valuable person in your family. And the pictures will be a soothing memory for you all---so glad your John managed to retrieve them!.


  9. Well, you're not TOO late, and sorry for the reason.


  10. Glad he was able to recover the files. Good advice.

  11. I have quite a few pictures on my camera and this reminds me to carefully put them on my computer tomorrow. I am glad your SIL was able to find them and save them for you. I send you my sincere sympathy for your brother-in-law. It is very hard to lose family members. God bless.......

  12. Good C post...glad you were able to still link in. Glad you are home and all is going well now. It was good to get your call yesterday and hear about the funeral. It's rainy and cold here. I just found out they are having the Superbowl in Phoenix, and the poor out-of-towners won't be getting their dose of wanted sunshine! Well, not unless this clears by then. It was 80 degrees three days ago!

  13. What would we do without tech savvy sons, son-in-laws, etc. Glad you found your pictures!

  14. I certainly agree to some points that you have discussed on this post. I appreciate that you have shared some reliable tips on this review.

  15. Great C post. Although you earned an F for frustration.
    I'm sorry to hear of your BIL's passing, but I'm glad you were able to attend the funeral, and that you returned safely home.

  16. My condolences, Latane.
    You have turned a sad tale into a funny story. I think everyone has this problem!

  17. So glad he was able to retrieve your photos. Sorry for your loss.


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