Friday, January 9, 2015

Random Thoughts

* If it got any colder my nose would freeze off. But, that's just me... the fountain in the pond is still running and the ducks are still swimming. Must not be too cold for them!

* I had a wonderful birthday on the 6th.  I still can't believe that I am 81. Well, I must be doing something right!

* I am loving, and I mean LOVING, my new chairs in my living room. I just sit, rocking away in my swivel/rocker, watching tv, reading, watching birds, thinking. Oh yes, I do a lot of thinking! hehe.

* Tonight's chili night here at The Commons. Anyone can bring a pot of chili and we all share. Couldn't come at a better time... not with the temps down in the teens. I had never made chili until recently. I know.. how stupid!! But, now that I can, I will be there with my crockpot full. And, I get to taste everyone elses.

* I really feel for all those people north of me who are suffering through this miserable freeze. I worry about the homeless and those who have to work out in this mess. I am glad that schools are closed so the kids don't have to get out in it. I am so thankful for my warm apartment, warm clothes, plenty to eat... I am so blessed.

* and may I add one more thing?  I hope you all will check out the new Blogger Book Review Club that my daughter and I started. You can find it Here

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  1. Chili on a cold day is just wonderful.. I would like to join in on a chili taste test.. Stay warm and enjoy your day!

  2. Oh yum, in Texas were the food is laced with jalapeƱos and green chilies we have chili at least once a month! Just recently added three different types of beans and it was a hit:)

  3. #1 You don't know what cold is sweetie.
    #2 Keep on doing it.
    #3 When it's chilly we have chili.
    #4 Remember, layers and layers.
    #5 I wish that I was a better reader.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. I haven't made chili in a very long time. It is not one of my husband's favourite and since he does the cooking now we don't have it. Enjoy sharing yours! Love your chairs!

  5. Your chairs are so cute and look very comfy! Happy belated birthday to you!!!!
    I feel for those who are in the cold and can't get warm....people and animals. Prayers for them all.
    Enjoy your chili tasting. :)

  6. Everything here is frozen . . it's a comedy, actually . . I think I'll pretend i could sit and enjoy your beautiful new chairs . . .

  7. Great Friday Five! You need to stay warm, for sure! I am thankful you have that great apartment....and I love the new chairs so much! They are perfect! Check out my Friday Five!

  8. We had snow on Tuesday and frigid temps since. Today it's above freezing but with the winds feels lower. Colder daytime temps due tomorrow. Ahh. Winter is here. We are all thankful that this weather waited a week. It would have been a problem on the 29th with the wedding. Enjoying the book review blog. Currently reading "The Care and Management of Lies" by Jacqueline Winspear. She's the author of the Maisie Dobbs series but this one though same time period, WWI, and place, England, does not feature Maisie and her incredible sleuthing. (How's that for a mini book plug?)

  9. I am planning on Chili tonite as well.

  10. We have chili a lot in the winter! Your room looks so cozy...I can picture myself sitting in one of the chairs, rocking, and reading a book! I'm off to check out your Blogger Book Review Club! Stay warm!!!! :)

  11. I agree it's nice to stay inside where it's warm. It's warmed up a little here but still plenty cold enough. I like your new chairs, they look great. Chili is always good on a nice cold winter evening.

  12. Your living room is pretty & cozy looking! I like Chili....its time to make some. I'm glad you gave me the idea. Perfect for this weather! We are trying to keep warm here..its only 12 tonight. I am thankfull for the wood burner even though it is a lot of work for hubby!

  13. Your living room is beautiful! The chili night sounds like a good idea; it has been way too long since I've tasted my grandma's famous chili! Glad you had a wonderful birthday. May the Lord bless you with an awesome year!

  14. your living room and chairs is so pretty!! and hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i hope i make it to 81 and as active as you! chili, yum! a funny story about chili...i really don't have a recipe for it but when we lived in georgia our church was having a chili competition one night so i found a recipe in my "fried green tomatoes" cookbook (a favorite cookbook of mine, well used!) and ended up winning 2nd place that has become my chili! i am going to go check out the book blog now...stay warm...icy rain here this morning, schools are on a 2 hour delay! thank you for linking!!

  15. Happy Birthday to you, at least I hope you're still celebrating this week. I take the whole month. Thank you for your sweet comment at my blog. I'm so happy to meet you too. I've added you to my blogroll too and have been wanting to meet more of us women of a certain age!

    I do love your new chairs! A comfortable and pretty chair is so important, don't you think? I hope the chili supper was good the other night.

    Stay warm,


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