Friday, January 16, 2015

Weather and Books

Okay, okay....

Got things on my mind this morning so I will link with Willy Nilly Five Friday to share these thoughts with all of you.

1. Did you see my post a couple days ago? Go back and find it Here .

 I got the most amazing responses to that post about whether to put comments in a blog post or send by email. All of you agreed with me... I love reading your comments right there on the page with my post and you do, too!! What was I thinking? So,  enough said. My blog is fine. I am happy. And, I will shut my mouth about it. And, I'll stop reading all that 'expert' garbage out there that confuses me.

2. Did you get any snow yesterday?

I opened up the blinds (upon arising, of course) and it was snowing. I was just like a kid. True, the only place it was sticking was on cars. None even on the grass. But, that didn't stop me. I ran out on my balcony in my nightgown... barefoot... camera in hand. Seconds later I had a couple shots and frozen feet.  I sure hope no one saw me out there in my nightie.

3. I'm getting lazy in my old age. hehe  I did lie down on the couch the other day and watched 'The Fugitive' on tv. Not the series... that was ages ago. But, the movie with Harrison Ford!!!!  Yes, even that isn't new. Was filmed in 1993. It was so good. I didn't delete it from my dvr list. I want to see it again.

4. I can't seem to stop reading about WWII.. I've read some good novels this past year on the subject and have recently finished reading 'Killing Patton'. Now, I am reading 'Spy Mistress' another true WWII book.  But, coming up next month in my local book club is the selection of 'Gone Girl'. That oughta be good.

5. Speaking of BOOK CLUBS. My daughter Marie and I started a

                                                            A BOOK CLUB FOR BLOGGERS

If you read, I sure hope you will check it out.(or even if you don't read, go see what is happening there)  (The place to go is on my sidebar). It's going pretty well but we sure would love to see more people join in.

So I guess that's about it for now. I'll see what I can get into this week so I can have new stuff for next Random Five Friday.


  1. #1 Just have fun and you will be successful.
    #2 You call that snow, really!
    #3 'The Fugitive' on TV was one of my favorites.
    #4 I'll pass, too painful.
    #5 I wish that I was a reader.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. Today I wrote a post about a few books I've read and am reading. But, I don't do emails [no time for emails AND blogging] so I have to opt out of joining your online book club. I still love to read, and I will check out your book club from you sidebar from time to time.

    Going out in the snow in your nightgown? Come least you were fully clothed!!! [kidding]

    Bud read Killing Patton and really enjoyed the book...he read it in only a couple of days.

  3. Reading blog comments is such a joy for me....I never tire of them!
    Snow? No snow here. Our a/c is running wayyyyyy down south. :)
    Taking time to sit and enjoy a movie or TV is a blessing; enjoy it when you can!
    Stay warm and enjoy your weekend

  4. Mom, just loved this...yes I think those experts are sometimes off the mark! The snow tickled's about as much as we got a month ago, and we were just as excited. :-) I ran outside in my nightgown by the way to photograph that coyote and had to make a mad dash for my door when I heard a car coming...I was at the end of the drive! :-) So glad you loved the movie The Fugitive! It's one of our all-time favorites! I'll go over to Anni and explain there's only one email involved with the book club unless you want to...or we both can. :-) Would love to have her on board!

  5. Latane - I will have to look for both Spy Mistress and Gone Girl at the library. And I too like to see the snow falling. Most of the snow we got last week is now gone. Wouldn't mind more on a day and don't need to go anywhere.

  6. I am very much behind on reading blogs and making comments. I hope to do better in 2015. I didn't know you had to go gluten free. I refer to my Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity in my post today.

  7. Hello, now that is the kind of snow I like.. Just a little bit... I have Gone Girl now on my ipad but have not started reading.. I am sorry I saw the movie first, I usually like to read the book first... Have a happy weekend!

  8. You're just taking care of yourself by relaxing and watching an old movie! We need that, especially if you're like me where sleeping at night is not what it used to be. I'm trying to accept that now my sleeping is interrupted by bathroom trips and it's not always easy to get back to sleep after. I think we've earned the right to our rest periods during the day, and Harrison Ford, in almost anything, is a pleasure!

    So glad you and the other commenters aren't ready to jump ship and abandon commenting. After not allowing comments for the first 11 months of my new blog, I have been happily surprised by how much fun it is now that I've started it again. This hermit is enjoying the company again!

  9. I'm sure no one saw you in your nightie. I've been known to run out in my pjs to toss peanuts to my favorite birds. I didn't see any snow here. May have slept through it. The Fugitive is a favorite of mine, too. It is probably time for me to watch it again. I like Tommy Lee Jones.

  10. Interesting that you got snow yesterday! We've had some very nice warmer weather the past few days (above freezing), we did have some rain in Des Moines where I was for a chess tournament Saturday.

  11. When I was teaching US History to high schoolers, I became engrossed
    in WWII and the horror of the holocaust. Nothing weird about going through a 'WWII period', or a 'Chinese history period', or ....
    I'm not a fan of snow--you can enjoy it for me :)


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