Wednesday, February 18, 2015


It finally happened!!

It snowed Monday night and I am so excited. First snow here at my apartment so everything was fresh and new to me. I am loving it.

Just let me show you the fun I am having....

During Sunday night the pond began to ice over.
That was a big clue that it was very cold outside!!
By Tuesday night it looks like this.
This was the parking lot on Monday night.
Of course, I took the pictures through the window... you can see the reflections. Sorry, but I didn't want to brave that cold!
The ducks are finding very little water to swim in.
Tuesday morning, bright and early, here come the snow plows!
And..... the snow blowers.
Now we have a clean street and sidewalks.
No one wants to brave the walking trail. It remains untouched. And, I like that!
Although you can't see my car, it is to the right... It has a heavy bonnet of ice.
Guess I will stay put until it melts!
That's my snow story. What's yours?


  1. Wonderful snow pictures! Sorry to say, I don't have a snow story here in the deep south :(
    I feel sorry for those Ducks swimming in that icy water! I bet you are glad to be in a safe and warm place where you don't have to get out in that snow! Stay warm!

  2. Now is the time to start a
    new quilt---Just to stay warm.

  3. Isn't snow so pretty, I always miss it just a little bit every year-but today I am going for a walk with sunshine and mild temps! You stay cozy and warm.

  4. We have it all here. The major problem for me is that it is just way too cold. It looks like a beautiful area where you live, Latane. Every thing is fresh and pretty and it good to have the work done for you. I love the fountain.

    Blessings to you, Susannah

  5. Poor ducks! Staying put sounds like the right thing to do!

  6. The snow is certainly very pretty and beautiful to look at. Your area looks so nice! I have lived most of my life in the cold weather, but now the warmer summer temperatures suit me best. I do at times miss the changing of the leaves.

  7. You got some great shots....and the snow is beautiful! We had about 3 inches this past week....but thankfully the roads were bare pretty quickly. In the 20's though and that sure doesn't feel good!

  8. Your snowfall looks very pretty. I especially like your walking trail. How nice to have it so close.
    Here in NC we had our first snow of the season. Actually it was more like sleet which left an icy coating on the roads. There were a few flurries yesterday which was nice to see.

  9. pretty snowy scenes! yes, you stay inside where it is nice and warm and just enjoy it through your window!

  10. Looks like you have a nice layer of snow. We have friends who are in the snow plowing business, so your photos of the snow removal people reminded me of them. It has been a couple weeks since our last snow here, but we still have some unmelted.

  11. Wow! Look at all the snow!!!! Aren't you glad you don't live in Boston, though. Those poor people! Hope our NY family are doing fine. Your snow is just beautiful....keep enjoying it from the window! :-) (Enjoyed our talk too)


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