Friday, February 20, 2015

Dreaming Of Paris

What does a person do when they are snowed in? I have been reading. Love this new book 'Love in Paris' by Eloise James. It's a memoir of the James family's year living in Paris. 

Well, I got so nostalgic reading about their exciting time and I started to get homesick for just one more stay in that amazing city. Say, an extended stay of maybe a year...

Oh, if I had better stamina and a purse with more money I'd find me a cute, but cozy, little apartment near Notre Dame. One in a old building, where the windows open wide and would let the sounds and smells of the street waft up to my senses. 

(Pinterest photo very similiar to view out our hotel window)

I'd go out to the nearest patisserie and buy flaky crouisants wrapped in paper. I'd find me a sidewalk cafe and I'd order tea and have it with my pastry. 
(Photo from Pinterest of a sidewalk cafe)

On cloudy days I'd open the windows and toss dried-out bagette crumbs to the pigeons that are walking on the roof below my window.

                                               I'd take the Metro to The Eiffel Tower. 
(my personal photo of me under the Eiffel Tower)

(My personal photo of me and dau. Susan on the first level of Eiffel Tower)

No, not to ride the lift to the top ( I got to the first level once but was scared out my of pants to go higher) but I'd climb on the nearby carousel and go round and round to the tinny music. 
(photo from Pinterest .. my camera battery had gone dead so I didnt get a shot of this)

And, I'd pull a  sandwich out of a bag and eat while I sat on the banks of the Seine and watch the bateaus steaming up and down the river loaded with tourists. And, I could say I was not a tourist... I lived there. 
(my personal photo of a bateau on the Seine River)

I'd go to the Muse de Orsay and look at all the nude paintings and Degas' lovely ballerinas and I'd look through the huge clock and see the Louve in the distance. 
(photo from Pinterest of the large clock with the Louvre in backgound)

I'd stroll the streets, listen to the musicans that wander up and down hoping for a coin or two and I'd buy roasted pistastio nuts, crack them open and gobble them down.
(photo from Pinterest)

I'd windowshop and be amazed at all the wonderous things that are for sale, things like nothing we have here in the U. S. and I'd stop at the flower stalls outside Hotel la Lousianne and buy beautiful, sweet smelling flowers. Once a week, at least.
(my personal photo of flowers outside Hotel la Louisanne)

I'd go to the huge flea market on the north side of town and eat at the little cafe (after being completely exhausted looking at antiques and junk) and buying nothing. And, I'd be cautious of the gypsies that wander among the diners, with their colorful dresses swishing this way and that. 

Then I'd go back to my little apartment, I'd sink down in a chair piled high with soft down pillows, and I'd think how lucky I am. 

That is what I would do.... if I were younger and had more money.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip. I've never been to Paris. Maybe one day.

  2. I was in Paris once but only in an airport layover - I can't wait to actually explore the city someday :)

  3. Sounds like a lovely time .... hope you get to go there again some day.
    diane @ thoughts & shots

  4. I have always wanted to go to Paris! Hoping someday!

  5. I think an extended trip to Paris would be lovely!

  6. I'm going to appoint your to go to Paris in my place:) I don't want to go! However, you make it sound like it would be fun! As you said, maybe if I were younger and richer.

  7. What an exquisite love letter to a lovely place! I can tell you're still imprinted with all the sights, sounds, scents of such wonder. Your words bring it to life to one who has never seen or tasted---the bread, the crackle of paper, the water at your feet, the great displays of flowers and sweets and architecture. .

    I've never been---England and Scotland call my heart and my pocketbook, so Paris will never be mine, but I wish you many visits, in REAL or in your beautifully coloured dreams.


  8. Like you Latane, I could always return over and over to this beautiful city as I've loved many moments spent there over the past 50 plus years. I like how things never change that much - no matter where I've stayed, each arondissement remains like it's frozen in time. The cafes, restaurants, flower markets, boulangeries, department stores, boutiques, monuments and buildings etc. are always there - just the fashions, tourists, and amount of crazy traffic change!

    Lovely story, so glad you still have those favorite photos of your visits. Perhaps you can get back one more time - work on it, often it's not much more expensive than a trip to the beach if you go in the off-season!

    Happy weekend - Mary

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! What fun! Yes, that first photo look like it could have been taken by you of Susan beneath your window. I know you wish you could go back just to get lots more (and really clear, beautiful shots!) Love the ones of you two, though. What a joy it would be to be there for a year...even just 6 months during the best weather. This carried us along with your fantasy so beautifully...I was swept away!


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