Friday, February 6, 2015

Willy Nilly Friday Thoughts

Yep, folks, it's Friday and that is the day to link with Tanya at Willy Nilly Five Friday

As for me, with no set schedule, every day could be Friday or Tuesday or whatever. I am always looking at the calendar to find out what day it is!!

1. I am in the organizing mood. I've been organizing my pictures files on my computer. Organizing my scrapbook supplies. Organizing my kitchen cabinets. Organizing my closets. Yes, I know, it's not time for spring cleaning. Maybe I just wish it was.

2. Sunday would have been my sweet hubby's 85th birthday. Boy, would we have had a celebration in his honor on that day. But, I guess I will just drive out to the cemetery and take flowers and say 'Happy Birthday, Sweetheart'. 

3. Funerals are sad times indeed. I just returned from my brother-in-law's funeral in Tennessee. A useful, productive, exciting life ended. All that is left are memories. 

4. It was 18 degrees when I awoke this morning. Gee whiz. I am tired of cold weather! 

5. I have been scrapbooking again. As I said, I've been organizing my supplies and have all the pictures from 2014 that I want to use developed. And, I have pages up through May already done. I wonder what I will do when that scrapbook is finished? How many of you out there scrapbook? 
I've been doing it for YEARS! 

Have a wonderful Weekend...



  1. #1 I don't have an organized bone in my body.
    #2 Sad, but sweet.
    #3 I've several funerals lately.
    #4 It was a bit colder here.
    #5 My blog is my scrapbook.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. Sounds like you have Spring Fever already with all of that organizing... I need to think about doing some of that. There is alot to be organized around here...

    Isn't it nice to be able to say that "ever day is Friday"???? This retirement is wonderful.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I do wish I were more funerals in a while. But lost a sister in September of 2013 and then in sept 2014--missing my sisters death by one day--I lost a friend.

    I do not quilting takes up enough room and times. LOL

  4. It bothers me to be unorganized, so I totally understand mid-Winter it all the time :)

    I so admire your scrapbooking talents. I had always intended to scrapbook my kids' school years, but it became so overwhelming while they were in high school that I just packed everything away to do another day. Then a few months ago, I dragged out all those boxes, and realized there was entirely too much accumulated. Plus, the kids keep telling me they really don't want to see this stuff again....and I believe they don't, at least for now they don't.... so I'm just scanning (digitizing) all those things for them, and throwing away most of the paperwork. Now I have a bunch of empty 64 qt totes sitting in the garage --

  5. Wow you've been busy with all that organizing. I keep thinking about doing that but that's as far as I get.
    It is sad to lose loved ones, I think taking the flowers to the cemetery is wonderful. We do that for my dad quite often.
    I've always admired those who scrap book. I never could seem to get into it.

  6. I'm so sorry about your husband and now recently you brother-in-law. My husband and I go visit his Mom in Arlington Cemetery for her birthday, and we also go at other times throughout the year. I have never done scrapbooking but always admire what people have created. There are times I do not know what day it is, that's retirement for you I guess. I find myself looking forward to the warmer weather also. Have a great weekend :)

  7. Sorry about your husband and your brother-in-law.
    I used to do scrapbooking until I started blogging. Now my pictures are all unorganized on my computer.

  8. Hello, Latane....We have been organizing around here, too and doing some extra cleaning and scrubbing. I think it is only to make ME feel better. But I do like things clean and neat. I am going at my desk on Monday....sure to have a lot of "stuff" to throw out! Elbert was nice man and I am sure you miss him so very much. God bless you.

  9. I've been an organizing frenzy myself the past couple of weeks. I feel so much more at ease knowing everything is decluttered and in its proper place.

  10. I'm so sorry I let Dad's birthday slip by without realizing. I should have called you. I hope you stayed busy. Love you.

    I'm glad you are organizing...I need to start doing that myself. (I keep saying that!) :-)


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