Monday, March 23, 2015

Down Memory Lane

Just 'cause they say it's Spring, that doesn't mean a thing... Oh, that rhymned. Since I am clever this early on Monday morning, I wonder if I will be all week long. Nope, don't think so. I am already struggling with putting a post together. Along with a ton of other things.

So., I will start with this....

I can't get organized lately. Just piddling around, starting one thing, then laying it aside and looking for something else. Do you suppose it's because I know what I should be doing.... Spring cleaning.... and that is my way of putting it off? 

It's not that I am getting lazy. No, no. But, just think of all the times I have cleaned and cooked and shopped over the years. And, it's still to do!! What do they say.. a man's work is from sun to sun, a woman's work is never done. 

At this juncture of my life I just want to play!! 

I have been a lifelong scrapbooker. When I was young my scrapbook pages were pasted with newspaper clippings, ticket stubs, even paper placemats from establishments of the eating persuasion. 

I dragged out one of my two remaining scrapbooks last night. Page after page of so little importance, just junk, But, occassionally I'd find a gem.. Like this....
A newspaper article from when my husband and I (along with our eldest daughter and her family) went to New York to help Lady Liberty celebrate her 100th birthday! We hooked up with our youngest daughter and her boyfriend (now her husband) and did the town.

We went to South Street Seaport and caught a sightseeing boat to tour the harbor. There the Statue was, didn't look 100 years old. That's my hubby in the white shirt.

We saw the tall ship parade up the Hudson River and were serenaded by a high school choir singing patriotic songs. 

We ate in little cafes and wandered the streets amid the thongs of people who were there for the 4th of July event.Over 20,000 boats jammed the harbor to see the fireworks. Our oldest daughter's family witnessed that from the air as they flew back to Florida. 

It was an exciting weekend. 

I also found this. 
Our invitation to our friend, Guy Hunt's inauguration as Governor of Alabama. 

That was an exciting time for us, attending a special church service, seeing the swearing in ceremony and parade that followed, and later going to the ball.

Well, I guess I have bored you to tears so I think I will go start some of that cleaning I have been putting off. But, looking back, remembering those special times in our lives was fun. Do you have special memories that you like to drag from your memory store from time to time to enjoy? I bet you do. 


  1. Latane, this post was very interesting and you have done and seen so many cool things! We too visited NYC ...times Square and the Lady, a rare opportunity for us because at the time our son was living less than an hour from it all. We loved it! How exciting life can be....except for spring cleaning! =) for me....I"m going at it one wall at a time....& easy does it.

  2. Interesting life full of memories. Go on and play ,I do when the mood hits me I clean.

  3. Such nice memories. How handsome you two looked for the Governor's Ball. Such a pretty dress. We've got the Spring Cleaning bug, but it's manifesting itself as replacing the toilets....something we've been wanting to do since moving in. (and when I say "we", I mean Lee :)

  4. First of your header. Secondly, I am in the same boat, not wanting to get this house more organized etc. I would rather stay on the computer for a couple of hours and then sew. It's so hard for me to get motivated every day!

    Loved this post! That trip to NY was so awesome! What a great time! We have a lot of wonderful memories. And I loved that you posted the photo of you and Dad headed to the Governor's Inauguration Ball! Dad looks SOO handsome in his tux, and you are stunning in your gown! Loved seeing it again.

    Y said you and she had a great visit on the phone. I'm glad.

  5. Now Latane, how much spring cleaning do you really need to do? Didn't you recently move into that new place? How dirty could it be? How much clutter could you have gathered in the short time you've lived there? I for one give you permission to skip it this year. Go enjoy the spring sunshine.

  6. what a great looking couple . . .

  7. My goodness, what fun times you commemorate! And what wonderful friends you have.

    I've never had a scrapbook past the "Autograph Books" of high school, which DID seem to accumulate more than signatures, getting stuffed with little photos, especially "school pictures" and ribbons and other small flat items (like notes passed in class, with HEARTS).

    A dear friend of mine was at the Statue of Liberty celebration, as well, and I thought i just the most wonderful (and romantic) thing, for he was the sweetheart of the mother of a Very Famous Author, and said VFA invited them to his house up there for the week of all the wonderful doings. He had so many photos and souvenirs that he invited me over to see.

    Hope it's Springing where you are---we just came out of an office building to SLEET, which is still coming down from time to time!


  8. oooooo, i just want to play as well!! you clean, you clean, you's just always there. i live about a hour away from NYC and we don't visit too often. i find i get overwhelmed by the noise, people and fast pace there. but there are lots of fun things to do, last year we went for the thanksgiving day parade!!!!

  9. Lovely header. It was fun reading about and seeing your memories.

  10. Those sound and look like wonderful memories. We had a friend who was born in 1900 and lived till 2009. She was a scrapbooker all her life, and we still have her collections.


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