Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Pleasant Ride in The Country

It was a rare glorious day today. After a long, cold winter it was time to get outside. So, Leslie and I headed out ... to mail a package I said. Six hours later we came dragging back home, having had a wonderful time but totally worn out. 

First of all was that infernal package!! The post office here is a bear to deal with so I thought we'd just drive to a small town nearby where we could pop in, mail the thing and be on our way. But, the post office was closed. Have you your life.... seen a post office closed during working hours? Huh? Well, I hadn't either. But, the note on the door said that the computer was down so they just locked the doors. 

We continued on to the next town (the town I had moved from last year) and visited for a few minutes with family, ate a wonderful lunch at the Virginia Diner and mailed that package. Finally!!

What to do with the rest of this fabulous day? The sun was bright , it was in the mid 60s. Can't go home in weather like that!! Now, can we?

So, we hopped on the Jamestown Ferry. On the trip over the James River we were entertained a bus load of school children on a holiday. They were like a can of worms, all over the place and there was lots of picture taking going on....

Right after we landed on the Jamestown side of the water, I turned onto the Colonial Parkway for a leisurely, calm and educational ride along the River. We stopped at historical markers. Here are a couple of them. Double click to enlarge so you can read them.

We loved the beautiful, tall grass in Mill Creek waving in the breeze. Don't ask me what kind it is. It looked sort of like sea oats but I am sure it isn't. 

The leaves are not out yet. And, we saw almost no wildlife. Just this bird in a tree and a couple of robins hopping along the roadside. (I was driving so no pics of the robins)

There were lots of pine trees. 

And gnarled, bare roots.

We even came across a dairy farm

And, beautifully designed brick bridges. 

Finally the road came to an end. We retraced our journey along the parkway, got on the ferry and headed home. 

I just had to stop by Farmer Joe's Nursery and Gift Shop. I love that place but today I didn't find anything to purchase. Maybe next time. I really did like that flower arrangement. Don't you think I need to go back and get it? Say yes, please!

Our final stop was at Smithfield Ice Cream Shoppe. No pictures!! I was too busy eating to think about my camera. 



  1. Oh come on Latane, too busy to take some photos? Shame on you. Tom The Backroads Traveller

    1. Actually, Tom, I have 'fess up. I did take a couple of pictures with my cell phone. One of my companion and a selfie of me while we were eating our ice cream. Both were horrible and were deleted immediately. So, I told a wee little lie about that. Sorry.

  2. I dearly LOVE excursions like this! Your pictures are gorgeous, especially the last one. I couldn't help but notice some of the spelling on the signs, like 'City' spelled with 2 T's and howses instead of houses :)
    I'm SO glad it's finally Spring and we can get out and enjoy rides in the country!

  3. That sounds like my kind of trip - enjoying the scenery and making discoveries on the way.

  4. LOVE the old brick bridges. Great shots of the dairy farm. The fences are very nice. Good to see a photo of you as well; sounds and looks like an awesome trip with the best of culminations!

  5. looks like a great day!! i would LOVE to get inside farmer joe's, it looks like a wonderful shop!!! and any day that ends with ice cream, is the perfect day!!!!

  6. I love visiting Jamestown - so much history and so beautiful all around the river. Glad you and Mr. Leslie had good weather and a busy/fun day out. Sounds like many post offices are going downhill these days - even the ones that are open have little counter assistance (and when they are there why are they SOOOOO slow?), and long, long waiting lines.

    Happy weekend - we're heading to DC but it looks like it's gonna be very chilly again! That's OK though as long as it doesn't snow again!

    Hugs - Mary

  7. So funny that you and I were out driving on the same day! Your drive is wonderful! So much to see and you got some great photos! Absolutely adore the view of that tall tree, and those gnarled roots too! Love the flower arrangement...I say you have to have it! :-)

  8. Oh what a fun day! Our little post office here is only open a few days a week for a few hours each time. The P;O.s are shutting down here and there, too. I love the flower arrangement- so I say yeah! go back and get it before someone else does!

  9. Almost looks like a nice summer day!

  10. Looks like a great outing! I love the dairy farm and the bridge.. Beautiful flowers! Happy weekend!

  11. what a beautiful drive in the country. love the dairy farm and pretty white fences.

  12. It had to be fun to take off on a spring breeze...a beautiful drive, too.

  13. Lovely photos. I enjoyed my visit. Sounds like you and I enjoy wasting away a day in much the same manner. I'll be back to see what you've been up to if I can figure out how. (I don't really understand much about blogging)


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