Monday, April 13, 2015


I sorta have PIGS on my mind this morning. Maybe it's because I know that there is bacon in the fridge waiting for me to have some for breakfast. Now, that sort of pig I love!

                                                         However, I do not like LIVE PIGS....

They are SMELLY, (I am holding my nose shut with my fingers just thinking about it)
              NASTY, (the sight of mushy mud and other stuff they walk around in comes to mind)
                              UGLY (even a mother pig could not love that face)
                                                        and they are NOISY.

We had pigs when I was just a little whippersnapper. We even raised a pig on our farm (after my hubby's retirement from the Navy).

                                                 Oh, let me tell you about that, if I haven't already!!

He was driving home from work one day when he saw this little piglet trotting along behind him right down the middle of this country road. He got out, put the thing in the back of the pickup and stopped at every house within a mile of there. No one had pigs. So, naturally they hadn't lost one. What to do?
He brought it home, put it in a vacant dog pen, fed it... for months and months.... until it was a Big Pig. And, then we had bacon, plenty of it, too.  It surely was good.

I now live near Smithfield, the home of Smithfield and Gaultney Ham, Bacon, anything that grows on a pig. Do you buy Smithfield products? Just asking, not selling. 

                                                                     So, I am back in PIG COUNTRY.

I have a few PIG pictures I'd like to share with you. What's a blog post without picture? Huh?

Smithfield has several iconic pig statues decorating their lovely little town.

This very fat little ceramic pig I saw in a Ham Shoppe, where else?

In the same shoppe I saw these wooden boxes advertising Ham or Bacon. I can't remember which.

This sign I found on Pinterest. Isn't it a hoot!!

And last....

Murals on a wall in Smithfield.

I am hooking up today with Murals. Let's all visit them and see if there are any more pig murals? Betcha Not. 


  1. Funny story, yes I love pig when it is cooked.

  2. Love the story of the piglet and your hubby. It was meant to be! The decorative pigs are very interesting. My dad raised hogs and oh, how I hated them! Especially when they got out and we had to round them up. Ugh! I do like baked ham, though. And pork tenderloin and bacon. Just have no desire to own a pig. LOL I do like the movie "Babe", though, and think that little pig is adorable.

  3. I will have a blt please. Tom the backroads traveller

  4. Nice artwork! Thanks for sharing these.

  5. Great story! Cute collection of piggies! Have a happy day!

  6. Neat story and brought to mind Charlotte's Web (Wilbur) and also reminded me that when my oldest daughter was about 13 she wanted a potbelly pig-when we did our research we decided that pig's of any nature, were not for us! Although these painted pigs are very colorful and cute!

  7. Thanks for making the connection between Smithfield and the pig murals. That would have gone over my head but now makes perfect sense. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  8. Great post should link up with Camera Critters this Sat! Love all the pig photos of statues and murals! Today's the luncheon...can't wait to hear!

  9. Why, yes, I do buy Smithfield products—not selling, just telling. =D

    My husband's family raised pigs and he'd agree with you on all points. Fun story about the piglet who followed your husband down the road.

    Your comment received a comment at my place that you may be interested in. A suggestion about flour, I think.

  10. Latane,
    Thank you for following us at Red Rose Alley. These pigs statues are so creative. I noticed your prayer on your side bar, it's special, indeed. And your pink roses on the Header, oh my! You know, the pink rose is my second favorite after the red rose.

    Have a sweet day.


  11. I just followed you as well. My little red rose isn't showing up yet, but it will soon. :~)


  12. I choose pork over beef or chicken any time. :)
    Cute the Smithfield pigs.
    Didn't Paula Deen advertise Smithfield hams for awhile.??

  13. I didn't know that! Great piggies. We're busy enough with cats!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!


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