Thursday, April 9, 2015

Friday Fun

It's time for Willy Nilly Friday,
                                                            and Five on Friday.

I love participating in these memes. I hope you will check them out and perhaps join in, as well.

1. Why do springtime and pollen go together? It really makes enjoying this special season a royal pain. But, a price must be paid for everything or so they say. Besides, the pollen will soon go away but the joy that is Spring will linger awhile yet.

2. I am excited about being invited as guest speaker at a senior luncheon next Thursday. They want to hear about my writing (and getting it published) a book at this ripe old age. I say, if you have an itch, scratch it. I had an itch to write. Look what happened.

3. I had a lovely time at lunch today. I went to the Stillwater House Tea Room, all by my little lonesome!! The two charming ladies at the next table (whom I had never met) and I had such a lively conversation going. It was loads of fun.
                                                    And, so was the food served...
                                    fruit, wafers, cheeses and a delicious scone for a starter
                    followed by dainty little sandwiches (cucumber, pimento and chicken salad)
                and little cakes for dessert. Of course, there was plenty of mixed berry green tea.
                                      I must go back soon... and take a few of my girlfriends.

4. I am enjoying perusing an old scrapbook I did back in 1949.
                                        It's so old, it is all to pieces so I must handle it with care.

The high school band I was in, took a trip from Alabama to New York on the train so that we could march in the American Legion Parade in Philadelphia. We did D. C., Philadelphia and New York.
                                            What an exciting trip for this little ole country girl.

5. I guess I have officially closed the door on a hobby that I have enjoyed for years - quilting. With passage of time come many changes. It was just time to say goodbye to all the lovely fabric and patterns and creativity that I have enjoyed and move on to something else.


  1. I enjoyed this very much Latane...:) You are such an inspiration to live life to the fullest!!! I hope you have great success with your book! Have a great weekend!

  2. I think it is so wonderful that you wrote that book!

  3. I know that you will be an inspiration to those attending the luncheon. How great that you are an author.
    I admire the way you went to the tea room all by your lonesome. The food looks delicious and mixed berry green tea sounds fabulously refreshing.
    Oh that pollen... ugh!! We are in desperate need of rain here to wash it all away.
    By the way, your header is so pretty.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Talk about Passion, purpose and productivity-girl you have it all and then some!
    Your luncheon looked and sounded sooo good!
    Happy Weekend-

  5. I am so with you on the pollen! I love spring apart from pollen. Congratulations on having your book published and on being invited to speak, how wonderful is that!! Thank you so much for joining in, it is great to have you taking part! I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  6. This is such a lovely post you have written. Sounds like you are still discovering and doing new things like your writing. I admire your creativity.

  7. You are an inspiration - I so admire your 'go forward' attitude! So wonderful to have written a book and now being invited to speak! I love the tea table and that you went alone - we have a tea house nearby and I can never find anyone to go, (all working gals during the day) so I think I will go alone, too! I have had to stop doing some of my beloved pastimes - it is hard to let them go, but like you say....time to move forward to something else. Your quilts are lovely and will live on being cherished by all that received them! xo Karen

  8. Hi Latane, What an honor to speak at the luncheon and congrats on your book. I drive a black car and oh, the pollen is horrible this week! I gave up needlework a few years ago; gave my supplies to a young woman who has a new baby and she was thrilled. This is a lovely quilt you have shared a photo of. Wishing you a nice weekend.

  9. Aha, so you were also a quilter. I used to cross-stitch daily, but moved on to other things. Maybe we have seasons in our creativity, as well. That's a much-loved scrapbook you have. Enjoy your speaking engagement!

  10. Well done on the book, such a great achievement, and so wonderful to be invited as a speaker to the luncheon. Your lunch looks very grand and presented on such lovely china. I hope you manage with the pollen and it doesn't last too long.

  11. Friday has become my favorite day, simply because I get to peek into the lives of all the Lovely Blog Ladies who participate in Five on Friday. By simply tapping the right letters on my keyboard, I can travel all around the world, visiting people I've never met and hearing all about their wonderful and exciting lives, seeing their photos and sharing their experiences. I hope you'll share my appreciation with the other Five on Friday ladies because I can't figure out how to leave comments on the main blog. I've not learned to blog yet, so as of now I'm an enthusiastic onlooker. Congratulations on your new book. Grandma Moses has nothing on you, right?! By the way - I'm in Nixa, Missouri, a suburb of Springfield near Branson.

  12. Hi Latane, I have called in via Amy's Five On Friday. That scrapbook looks so enticing - can you give us a peek inside? x

  13. Oh wow, being invited to the luncheon to talk about your book, amazing! Have fun. x

  14. Oh, Miss Latane! What a fun post! I so enjoyed it all, especially your tea/lunch. It's delightfully prepared and presented (and on my OWN DEAR LITTLE VIOLETS TEA STAND). Isn't it lovely to find so many nice places which happily and so graciously welcome a Lady "Party of One." And what a nice honor to be Guest Speaker---how I'd love to attend.

    And the scrapbook! I do so love those things. All mine were black-paged ones in "leather" bindings, and I stuck them full of fun stuff, especially photos---those old black and white Kodak moments of many milestones, old friends, and nothing in particular, but precious anyway. Our big trip was from the Mississippi Delta to Washington, D.C. for a week, departing on a bus the day after graduation. What a trip, and I lugged that heavy square-box Brownie camera everywhere.

    Thank you for sharing all these happy events---even the pollen, I think---for it means it's finally SPRING!


  15. latane, i really enjoyed your post, the tea looks lovely!!! good luck with the scrapbook, i am completely addicted to scrapbooking!!!

    you are right about pollen, it kind of ruins the wonder of the season!!! have a happy sunday!!!!

  16. A little bittersweet....joys of your book, and the upcoming luncheon (I know it will be a huge success!) and the new life you are embracing for yourself, even a lunch alone turning into a nice adventure (boy all that looks delicious!--wish I could have joined you!)....a little sad over looking back at sweet memories in that scrapbook, the project I know you are working on dealing with Grandmother's journal, too...and leaving quilting behind. Life brings many curves and turns and switchbacks, doesn't it. Mostly I know it is good for you right now, and for that I am so happy. Wish I could be there at that luncheon to hear you speak! Miss you!

  17. Your are so beautiful, Latane, and truly an inspiration. Hugs.


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