Friday, April 24, 2015


Most people love Friday because it is the last day of the work week. 

      Me, I love Friday because I get to share some of my thoughts with all of you.

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1. I tried two new recipes for dinner last night. Both were yummy.  

                                                           Black Bean & Corn Salad

And, pan-seared Brussel Sprouts with bacon. 
Everything is better with bacon, RIGHT?

What did you have for dinner?

2. I guess I have a new best friend. This mallard comes looking for me for the corn/peanut mix I toss out to him. He comes right up to me but will not eat out of my hand. Smart bird. 

3. I love the chalupas at Taco Bell. This painted mural on the wall just cracks me up. 

4. My sister asked me last night who I thought would win the presidental race. My gosh... what a weird question. We don't even know who all is running yet. Maybe she needs to find something to do with her time other than watch tv. But, maybe that will be what I will be doing when I reach 90!

5. I loved the fact that The Commons (the 55+ apartment complex where I live) was set back off the main road a long block or so. But, you know what they say about progress...  That long block, which was an open field, is being DEVELOPED. They say it will be a Dept. of Motor Vehicles building. Lordy, at the traffic we will constantly have. 

                     But, you know what they say about progress.

                     Hey, I said that already! hehe

                       Have a great weekend.



  1. I love the sound of pan seared brussel sprouts with bacon, definitely going to give them a try.

  2. I like brussel sprouts but hubby doesn't.

  3. I love the sound of the Brussels and bacon, will try that, have a great week end x

  4. Great Friday neat you have a new duck friend! We all love brussel sprouts cooked in butter (one of Jack's recipes)...even the boys eat it up!

  5. Love the cute duckie friend.. The bacon and brussel sprouts sounds yummy. Have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  6. I am not a Brussels fan, but I love the sound of your other dish. I hope that the new building works will not be too disruptive to your life, there is building all around us everywhere now isn't there. We are having an election at the start of April for all of our government, so we are all thinking about politics and who might win, but at least we know who is running!!! I hope that it doesn't become too overwhelming for you thinking about politics! Thank you so much for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  7. #1 Give me the bacon and hold the brussel sprouts please.
    #2 One smart duck.
    #3 I didn't know that Taco Bell was so colorful.
    #4 I'm voting for Mickey Mouse.
    #5 Traffic, traffic everywhere.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

  8. Brussel sprouts definitely need something! =D

    I already know the man I hope will win. ;> Perhaps your sister does as well.

  9. Both dishes look delish. I'd love those brussel sprouts, but some folks just can't tolerate them. There's a genetic component in some folks that makes them taste horrible. Three of my kids and my husband are like that, and I'm the only one who likes them around here. Last night I had a burrito from 3 Amigos. It was the BEST I've ever tasted. They make the sauce with pineapple. Oh my, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it :) Have a nice weekend, Latane.

  10. The corn/black bean salad is a winner for me.

  11. Oh my, those brussel sprouts look so good! I can smell the bacon cooking.....Have a wonderful weekend. It's so nice to meet you :)

  12. Stopping by from Friday Fragments! That corn/bean salad looks really good! Now I want some. ;) Love the mallard drake. He IS smart not to feed out of your hand. Sorry about the extra traffic you'll have... ugh!

  13. Five very interesting things, Latane! I'm sorry about the possible extra traffic.
    Brussels Sprouts are surely better with bacon. :) They look delicious!
    Happy weekend!
    PS Your header is lovely!

  14. Loved all the photos and the conversation you had with your sister. Funny, I have been craving a taco from Taco Bell this week, and I have been rigidly healthy in my eating habits this week. Must be why :) and those recipes look delicious. Happy day to you.

  15. Bacon is indeed perfect with Brussels sprouts! Have a lovely weekend.

  16. Your dinner looks healthy and delicious! Yes, everything does taste better with bacon!

    I'm so sorry you're losing you're empty field, that's a shame. Hopefully they'll make them plant something to grow tall at the rear instead of you having to look at a parking lot.

  17. Mr.4444 and I tried to like brussel sprouts recently, but we were not successful. We're going out for dinner tonight; I'll be having Chilean Sea Bass!!!!! Your photos are beautiful!! Thanks for linking up. Have a great weekend :)

  18. The Black Bean and Corn Salad looks and sounds delicious. AND since I do like Brussel Sprouts, I'd love them with bacon... ha

    You do have a friend--as long as you continue feeding him.. He'll keep coming.. I'm surprised that he doesn't bring a bunch of his friends with him... BUT--maybe he wants to keep it all to himself... ha

    Sorry about the new building nearby... I don't always like PROGRESS... ha


  19. We love Brussels sprouts. Most people I know think that we are weird. Probably they are right ;)). I chop them up medium fine and sauté them with garlic. Then add balsamic dressing for a few seconds. Yummy. We only had a sandwich last night because of late lunch. Today I am cooking. Not sure what yet. Maybe Brussels sprouts )))

  20. oh the brussels sprouts look yummy! i'm going to have to try that recipe! cute little ducky!! sorry about your new neighbor moving in, ugh, the dmv! what a terrible neighbor to have! thanks for linking up and sorry it took me forever to visit!


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