Monday, April 27, 2015


In this age of high technology we have lost our elegant way of 'staying in touch'. Yes, I have fallen victim to emailing (which is pretty passe these days), the texting and social media. 

Then I lament that I never get letters anymore. That's what has happened to our society. The younger generation has no clue of how to sit down and compose a letter. So much is lost in the instant messaging world. That is pretty much what is on my mind this morning.

I was happy to find out (while I was scanning a high tech instrument called the computer. Yes, we can't get away from them, can we?) to see that there are books published on the art of letter writing. In Australia, there is a movement called "Women of Letters" encouraging women to take up the pen again.

We lost so much when we stopped writing to each other. Putting our thoughts on paper tells someone else that you care, that the recevier is someone that means so much to you. You took the time and effort to think of them so it says that you value them as a person, as a friend.

When you are writing a letter you pour your heart into it. So, set the stage. It will cause you to slow down from life's hectic pace. Put a little soft, soothing music on, take out your best stationary and a pretty pen. Maybe sit where you can look out the window and glance up ever so often to gather your thoughts. This is a very special and personal moment.

I have letters that I have kept over the years. I cherish each and every one of them. They tell a story of what was happening at that time of my life. Reading them serves as a reminder of the good times and yes, the bad ones, too. I have the letter my boyfriend wrote me sixty six years ago when he proposed to me. (I wrote back 'yes'). It is a very precious memory, one I can physically take in hand, read and reread any time I choose.

Ten years from now, no one will remember what was said on any certain text message. 
                                                                    How sad is that? 

In an effort to "grow old more gracefully" I am challenging myself to sitting down once a month and write a note, a heartfelt note to someone I care a great deal about. 

                                                                     How about it? 

                                                 Will you take up the challenge with me?


  1. As my arthritis gets worse it gets harder and harder to write real letters. But I have always loved writing and receiving them, as you know. :-) I have a handful of friends I write a couple of pages to a couple of times a year and it makes me really happy that they like to write real letters with me instead of email. In fact, it looks to me like email is completely dead (except when you & I email which I LOVE! I can write you more in an email because of my arthritis...but as you know I do send a "note" once a month too :-) ) in favor of texting and facebook, neither of which I like too much. A letter should be personal and newsy and you can't so that on facebook....and texting, like you said, is a JOKE! People are even forgetting how to spell because of texting. OK, you got me on my soapbox! :-) Love you! Great post!!!

  2. In all truth, it is highly unlikely. I think it is wonderful that there are those who will take up your challenge and I did read a nice piece on Pinterest about the value of writing letters even if there doesn't seem much to say. I like your tips about pretty stationery, a pretty pen, and some nice music...

  3. This is such an important subject. I have shoe boxes full of my mother's letters and little letters my children wrote to me when they were little and away at camp or visiting with my parents. Treasures. This has made me wonder how long it has been since my grown children have had an actual letter from me, not just a greeting card. I need to write some.

    Thank you for this.

  4. Yes, I will take the challenge, in fact I have been working on this very topic the last year. I have a few friends who have moved out of the area and two daughters, plus some grandchildren that do live around me. I try to write or send a pretty card to a least one of them each month. I have a medium size box filled with all of the letters from my Mom, sister and cards from the children. I will part with my clothing before I part with my correspondence!
    Thanks for the reminder, we all need it!

  5. i still write notes, to a couple "youngins'" who need help from time to time. one niece in particular, i always include a heartfelt note when i send her a little money!! i still write thank you notes, even to the neighbor who shoveled/blew my walk this past winter!!! and boy, do i LOVE receiving a handwritten note!!!

  6. I am happy that I don't have to writer letters anymore ! My thoughts are so quick that my hands can't follow, with the computer it's perfect. The snail mail is also zero here, while emails go so quick and at least they arrive ! I think I was born too early, lol !

  7. i got away from letter writing after my mother died. the mail meant so much to me when i thought i might hear from her.


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