Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Trip To The Market

I am so happy that the Farmer's Markets have opened for the summer. Not many locally grown veggies just yet but there will be very soon. However, the Market in Smithfield is always fun to go to regardless of what time of year.

the crowd is beginning to meander about the various booths. Music is being played by a local musician. It's a party atmosphere. 

This place really caught my eye. Maybe my sweet tooth was making itself known.

Yes, I think this was what I was craving!! 

I stopped by one booth that sold organic dried herbs and a few potted fresh ones. I bought some cilantro. The salesman gave me a small bouqet of fresh oregano. Wasn't that nice of him?

And, who could forget to pick up some of these home-grown strawberries? Not me!! The season will soon be over. I don't want to regret having not gotten as many of the sweet berries as I want this spring.

What brought the most humor out was these bottles of 'Bacon Soda'. Don't ask me what it tastes like 'cause I don't know. Smithfield is the home of Smithfield Bacon (among other pork products) so it could just have the name attached to something like pepsi or any other soda. I didn't buy any. 

Do you have a local farmer's Market? What is your favorite thing to buy? 



  1. Lovely little stroll Latane. My first stop would have been the cupcakes also..:) Never heard of the "bacon soda" but it sure made me smile! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tomatoes, corn and cantaloupes soon. Then pumpkins and squashes in the Fall.

  3. I would have to try the bacon soda! I love Farmers' Markets and do try to support the local growers. I love all seasons there, the vegetables are eye candy but have to say that autumn there with all the pumpkins is my favorite.

    Were the cupcakes good?

  4. Bacon Soda....my chuckle of the day (or one of then ;) I would buy some of that tempting sweet stuff and maybe some fresh veggies, just to be on the healthy side!

  5. our local market just started back up but i haven't had a chance to make it over yet...maybe this saturday! those cupcakes look delish...bacon soda, not so much haha

  6. Bacon soda? What in the world? Looks like a nice farmers market.

  7. I love the farmer's markets! Smithfield looks like it has a good start on this summer. I hadn't checked your blog because I knew you were at the beach! Are you home now?

  8. We may have been at the Farmer's Market at the same time - - but we should have recognized each other, right?


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