Friday, May 15, 2015

Growing Old Gracefully #8

I have always wanted to be a lady. I try but sometimes I fail miserably. After I am gone I would want to be remembered as that polite, kind, sweet lady who always knew what to say, when to say it and when to keep her mouth shut. 

That, however, is hard to do!!

So, as with everything else we must practice, practice, practice. 

Do you remember when you were small and you had to practice the piano? Or practice driving? Or practice your multiplication tables? 

Things haven't changed. Habits, especially bad ones are hard to break.

So, today I want to talk about Good Manners.

Manners show who you are, where you came from and how you were raised. 
  • Always be courteous. Say please, thank you and excuse me even if it is to the busy sales clerk who just waited on you. 

  • When you talk keep the volume of your voice low. There is no need to shout. No one is deaf. 
  • Don't use slang words like 'uh' or 'so'. It displays an amount of insecurity in you. Those types of words are not becoming and lessens how another person views you. Choose only the sweetest of words. You may have to eat them.!

  • Don't be guilty of gossiping. Don't tell dirty jokes or discuss your latest body function or details of your surgery. Don't swear! And, don't use the F word. It is demeaning and crude and beneath your dignity.

  • When someone is talking please don't interrupt them. Learn to be a good listener. I once heard that the best conversationist is one that listens.

  • Be handy with your praise of other peoples accomplishments. Don't gush or over do it but be honest and sincere otherwise it will sound fake.

  • Always be well-groomed, especially if you go out in public. Did you shower? Does your hair look nice? Are your nails well trimmed and clean? And, it will make you feel better if you look your best around the house. Put your best foot forward, if it is only for your own benefit.

  • The practice of writing thank you notes has just about disappeared. It needs to be revived! If someone took the time (and money) to do something nice for you, the least you can do is jot a sweet little note to them in return. 

                               Excuse me but I need to go practice some of the above tips.


  1. Good manners are so important and never go out of style. Your list is a good one!

  2. Great advice and post. Thanks for sharing, enjoy your weekend!

  3. I like this advice and try to practice it. Maybe I have succeeded in some ways. My step-son recently gave me this compliment: "You are the epitome of a classy Southern lady". Of course, that made me love him even more ;) I fail miserably at times, but I continue to try.

  4. I try to do all these things, but definitely need to practice too!

  5. Good Manners are hard to fined these days.

  6. I did so enjoy reading this post. Words to live by! I popped on over from your daughter's post today.

  7. Thanks for this timely reminder, Latane.
    Yesterday, someone threatened to shoot me, because I inadvertently took 'his' parking spot, at the mall.
    The guy went on and on, but I couldn't get a word in.
    I offered him my spot, in exchange I asked that he stop cursing me, and ranting and raving, which didn't happen.
    Yes - manner, whether young or old, is a great (must) quality to possess.

    I also like your reminder about writing thank you notes - wonderful thought.

    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

    I am working on the grooming part. I take hints from my cat for that :)

    1. So thankful that you were not hurt, Chandra. The world is filled with terrible, rude and dangerous people.

  8. Oh I need to practice some of them much more than I do! Wise words, for anyone.

  9. I like to try to have class....I think it is so important. Good post, Mom!! Not interrupting someone is sop important too.


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