Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day and Linky Party Blog

What a day yesterday was! Filled with all sorts of loving things from my children, grandchildren and greats. I love gift cards, especially to eating places. I am such a fan of eating out. So, it was great to get a gift card to eat out from my dau. Marie. And, the other two girls knew I would love to have flowers. Susan sent a fresh cut bouquet which is really beautiful, soft pastels, roses... just perfect. 

Shirley (and her hubby John) brought me a pot filled with lovely flowers that we placed on my balcony. I keep waiting for my geraniums to bloom but they haven't yet (It was the first time I had over-wintered any) so now I have some blossoms out there to enjoy.

I really don't know about me!! I am always figuring out something new I want to do. I have enjoyed a number of memes over the years but as my Living On Main Street blog evolved I felt that the memes were crowding out some of the everyday living on main street posts, you know, those things that were really saying who I am and what I do.

So, lightbulb over the head!! I decided to start another blog devoted strictly to the memes I want to participate in. It's Latane's Linky Party  I have it up and running so hop over and check it out. 

But, don't you dare abandon me on this blog. It would break my heart. I would sit for days and cry buckets. Oh... a bit dramatic, you say. Yes, I suppose so but I would be unhappy.

Have a great day.


  1. Glad you had a good Mother's Day! Beautiful flowers from your family. They know how to make our day, do they not?

  2. I'm amazed by how much you blog already. Can't keep up with you. I'll check out your new one now.

  3. Great Mother's Day gifts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great love new blogs, and it's good to have children.

  5. What a lovely Mother's Day post! Glad you got flowers as well as the restaurant gift certificate! Glad you had a great day! I will check out the new Link blog too. That was a great idea.

  6. I'm glad that you had such a wonderful Mother's Day!

  7. Belated Mother's Day wishes, Latane, and yiu certainly received some beautiful blooms and dining out gift cards are always so nice! I neve do memes because I much orefer to post about what is happening in our own lives, so you won't be left behind.


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